the 9th semester

Why Bros Need to Start Icing Bros Again


A few summers ago a bored genius frat bro invented icing.

party Gets Sold, Shuts Down (Momentarily)


As some of you may have noticed today, BrosIcingBros.

smirnoff ice vodka

Bro Getting Iced While Skateboarding


 Rope + Car + Longboards + Bros + Ice = Bros Getting Iced While Skateboarding.

smirnoff ice

UPDATED: The New York Times Gives Credit to BroBible Brommunity Post as Originator of Bros Icing Bro


 A story in Wednesday's Business section of the New York Times confirms what we've suspected all along: this BroBible.

Sam Adams

Exclusive Video: Sam Adams Getting Iced


 I iced Sammy Adams in a bar on Nantucket this weekend.

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