This Couple Has The Loudest Sex In All Of New York City, According To Complaints Registered By 311


This is where I'm supposed to puff my chest out and say, "Oh, hell no, bitch.


Brooklyn Hipsters Are Spending $1,000 On ‘Adult Preschool’ Learning To Finger Paint And Take Naptime

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Hipsters in Brooklyn are spending up to $1,000 on 'Adult Preschool' where they attend and partake in activities such as finger painting, musical chairs, naptime, show-and-tell, and more.

wtf etiquette

Yesterday I watched a  guy drop his pants and show off his micropenis in a bathroom full of people


In celebration of a friend's birthday yesterday myself and a few friends headed over to the Pier 6 location of Fornino's at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, and it was there I saw my ever first micropenis.

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets to Wear Brooklyn Dodgers-Themed Jerseys Because Brooklyn


The Brooklyn Nets play basketball in Brooklyn -- the very same borough the Brooklyn Dodgers called home before the team moved to Los Angeles in 1957.

heavy metal

These Metalhead Sixth Graders from Brooklyn Go Harder Than You


They're bullied at home, they're a curiosity on the Internet, but let's be real: These two little bros from Flatbush, Brooklyn can rock.


Bicyclist harassed by army of Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn


Hasidic Jewish people are a part of culture that many across the US don't have a lot of exposure to.

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