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You’ll Want to Kill Everything and Everyone After Listening to ‘Brooklyn Girls’

You are about to hear the worst song ever.

Brooklyn Will Have an Exploding Vaginas Fireworks Display Because Brooklyn

So avant-garde.

Brooklyn Nets to Wear Brooklyn Dodgers-Themed Jerseys Because Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Nets play basketball in Brooklyn -- the very same borough the Brooklyn Dodgers called home before the team moved to Los Angeles in

Brooklyn Now Has a Twerking Thief, Because Life Imitates Art, Or Something

I have literally no idea what to say about this. 

The Weed Fairy Exists, in Brooklyn, Naturally

Free weed? Free weed. 

These Metalhead Sixth Graders from Brooklyn Go Harder Than You

They're bullied at home, they're a curiosity on the Internet, but let's be real: These two little bros from Flatbush, Brooklyn can rock. Really rock.

Watch ‘Where I’m From,’ a 24-Minute Documentary About Jay-Z’s Barclays Center Concerts

Jay-Z turns 43 today. Happy Birthday, Hova! To celebrate, his website, Life+Times, dropped a 24-minute mini-documentary about his historic 8-night concert christening of Brooklyn's Barclay's

Watch a 17 Year-Old Biggie Smalls Freestyle on a Brooklyn Street Corner

The origin of a legend. 

The New York Islanders Are Moving to Brooklyn

Brooklyn wants all your neglected professional sports teams and it wants them now.

Man Tries to Steal From 7-Eleven, Store’s Employees Beat Him, Bite Him, and Strip Him of His Clothes

No lie, he tried to steal a Snicker's bar from a 7-Eleven in Brooklyn. Instead, they stole his dignity. 

The Brooklyn Nets Underwhelm the World with a Boring New Logo/Hype Video

So today the Brooklyn Nets unveiled their logos, making the move across New York Harbor official. Sorry, Chris Christie. Every basketball blog on

Wash Your Breakfast Down With This Picture of a 3-Foot Rat Caught With a Pitchfork in Brooklyn

As if anyone needed another reason to avoid Brooklyn. Now we find out they've got f*cking big dicked, baby raping, mutant rats. This guy who