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Andray Blache Has a Hookah Shaped Like an AK-47

Quality item.

TNT Creates Perfect Gone Fishin’ Graphic for the Brooklyn Nets

How they biting?

The Miami Heat Beat the Brooklyn Nets But Lost Their Testicles


Toronto Raptors Fan Goes in for a Kiss, Is Brutally Denied

ALL the embarrassment.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Sat in the Nosebleed Section, Wiped His Nose

Ford gonna Ford.

I Can’t Stop Watching Drake Use a Lint Roller on His Pants During the Nets-Raptors Game

Gotta look fresh.

Gerald Green Threw Down This Impossible Double-Clutch Dunk

How did he do that?

The Celtics Had a Spine-Tingling Good Tribute to Paul Pierce for His Return to Boston

Paul Pierce played 15 seasons for the Boston Celtics before being traded to the Brooklyn Nets. 

Brooklyn Nets to Wear Brooklyn Dodgers-Themed Jerseys Because Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Nets play basketball in Brooklyn -- the very same borough the Brooklyn Dodgers called home before the team moved to Los Angeles in

Young Brooklyn Nets Fan Has to be ‘Earmuffed’ As Kevin Garnett Hurls Expletives

Kevin Garnett has a filthy mouth and Brooklyn Nets fans are already acutely aware of his desire to show it off. 

Paul Pierce Clotheslining George Hill Makes For an Excellent GIF

This is Paul Pierce, committing what is known as a "flagrant" foul on George Hill. 

Paul McCartney Loses His Mind for a Free T-Shirt at Brooklyn Nets Game

International treasure Paul McCartney went to the Brooklyn Nets game last night and sat in seats a real person could actually dream of buying. He's

Can Anyone Guess the 13-Letter Curse Word Jason Kidd Used on Lawrence Frank?

The Brooklyn Nets demoted Lawrence Frank this week to a menial job after he clashed with first-year coach Jason Kidd.

Brooklyn Nets Mascot Fails Miserably in Trampoline Dunk Attempt

The Brooklyn Nets’ mascot is called the Brooklyn Knight. He has very few responsibilities. One of them is to throw down the occasional trampoline dunk.

Will We Ever Know How Mike Fratello Spent His Summer?

Dammit. I wanted to hear the rest of that story. Ian Eagle, you are a monster.

Watch Deron Williams Put On One of the Greatest Shooting Displays You’ll Ever See

Deron Williams set an NBA record last night by hitting 9 three-pointers in the second half. He got right down to business, hitting seven of

The Brooklyn Nets Have Fired Avery Johnson

The first coach of the Brooklyn Nets lasted all of 28 games.

Kris Humphries Had a Free-Throw Attempt Blocked By a Referee

Courtney Kirkland was in a tight spot last night. The Brooklyn Nets’ Kris Humphries was lining up a free-throw attempt against Toronto, but there was

Rajon Rondo, Kris Humphries Got Into a Shoving Match

Rajon Rondo is either a big Kim Kardashian fan or he’s fiercely loyal to Kevin Garnett. Both options are equally viable.

Brooklyn Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Will Either Win a Title or Enter Into a Miserable Marriage

Brooklyn Nets billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov is an eccentric dude and one hell of an interview. The New York Post’s Steve Serby was able to

So This is What the Brooklyn Nets Cheerleading Uniforms Look Like

I’m no fashion expert. I can’t tell you the difference between a jumper and skort. I can, however, identify comely ladies and their relative hotness.

Too Soon? Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Predicts an NBA Title Within Three Years

Since taking over the Nets in 2009, Mikhail Prokhorov has been quite the fan of talking the talk. Now, with his team in the Empire

Phil Mushnick Wonders Why the Brooklyn Nets Aren’t Called the New York N*****s

Phil Mushnick, the New York Post’s television and radio columnist, opined on the Brooklyn Nets’ color scheme and logo in today’s paper. He, uh, went

The Brooklyn Nets Underwhelm the World with a Boring New Logo/Hype Video

So today the Brooklyn Nets unveiled their logos, making the move across New York Harbor official. Sorry, Chris Christie. Every basketball blog on