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Chick Goes On Angry Rant About Broncos During the Super Bowl, Wants a Tiger to Eat Peyton Manning’s Ass

Hot takes are flying out of this broad’s mouth left and right. Also, profanity. Lots and lots of profanity. I […]

The 14 Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows Ever

The Super Bowl halftime show has become the biggest event of the entire day.

Shots Fired: Bill Belichick Says Wes Welker Intentionally Tried to Injure Aqib Talib

It would certainly seem that Bill Belichick and Wes Welker are no longer friends, if they ever even were. In a press conference this morning, Belichick

Tim Tebow Traded to New York Jets

The New York Jets just announced they’ve traded a fourth-round draft pick to Denver in exchange for Tim Tebow. The polarizing quarterback was put on