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The Best Vine Trick Shots of 2013

Downright excellent compilation here from Brodie Smith. How in the world did I miss him opening a beer bottle with a frisbee? That's one of

Brodie Smith Has a New Frisbee Trick Shot Video, This Time on a Soccer Pitch

Frisbee trick shot autuer, Brodie Smith, recently headed to the Chicago Fire's practice field for some epic trick shots. Things got weird, man, because that's

Brodie Smith Has an Epic Trick Shot Battle with 3OH!3 and…. Jeff Goldblum?

This video has a frustratingly slow start, but my mind was blown when Jeff Goldblum made an appearence. Props to Brodie Smith for some serious star-power

Brodie Smith Has a Dope New Frisbee Trick Shot Video from China

It feels like forever since Brodie's Smith's last trick shot video, but he's finally back. His latest creation of ridiculousness is from China, where he nails

Let’s Watch the Greatest Frisbee Throw and Catch Ever in the History of the World

Well, Brodie Smith, you did it. Your frisbee horse-and-pony show managed to finally impress the sh*t out of me. Look, part of me

A Frisbee Trick-Shot Video for Those Still Easily Amused by Trick-Shot Videos

I doubt too many BroBible readers are still "wowed" by a trick-shot video, but here's a frisbee one for the taking. It's from