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Enter the ‘My Dorm Room is a Sh*t Hole’ Contest

Thanksgiving break is so close you can taste the cylindrical cranberry sauce, finals are still mercifully a few weeks off, and your dorm room is

All Right, Let’s Do a Halloween Costume Contest

We've received a bunch of emails the past few days wondering if we were doing another Halloween Costume Contest this year, including this one: "We

Buy ‘My Dad is a Bro,’ Take a Picture of the Book, Win Cool Summer Schawag

As you probably are aware of by now, our book, "My Dad is a Bro," is

Enter to Win the Ultimate Tech Hook-Up: A New Windows PC and Xbox 360

Windows Xbox 360

Do you want to be the most tricked-out Bro you know? And not just because you date a hot babe

BroBible.com Ultimate Trick-Shot Video Challenge Entry #1: ‘These Guys Hit Shots’

Trick Shot Video These Guys Hit Shots

BroBible.com Ultimate Trick-Shot Video Challenge

True Statement Entertainment and BroBible F?@k Love Video Contest

It's no secret that Valentine's Day is a shit holiday, and with all the build up around making

Enter to Win a Shaving Kit from The Art of Shaving By Submitting a Pic of Dad’s Awesome Facial Hair

Throughout the ages, Dads across the world have been known to sport some pretty spectacular facial hair. This week we're teaming up

Enter to Win a Shaving Kit from The Art of Shaving By Submitting a Pic of Dad’s Best Facial Hair

Through the ages, many Dads have been known for sporting

Submit a Big Boi/Calvin Harris Mash-Up for Chance to Win Two VIP/Backstage Passes to Winter Elixir

Winter Elixir

We're giving away two VIP tickets with backstage passes to our 2010 Winter Elixir Concert with Big

Submit a Photo for Our ‘My Dad is a Bro’ Book, Enter to Win an Outdoor Adventure Prize Package

Our most recent giveaway for "My Dad is a Bro" was

BroBible Announces Winners of Our Halloween Costume Contest

After we sifted through the inevitable pile of Kenny Powers, Chilean Miners, and Brett Favres (with and without pen*s), and after all of you cast

Last Chance to Vote for Your Favorite Halloween Costumes!

There were reports of some technical glitches over the weekend, although thousands of votes have been cast! So we're giving you one last

Enter a Photo for ‘My Dad Is a Bro,’ Win New York Knicks and Winter Elixir Tickets

As you know by now, the editors of BroBible are looking for funny photos of your Dad acting

Vote on Your Favorite Bro and Babe Halloween Costumes!

O.K., it's time to vote for your favorite Halloween costume! We received more than 100 submissions and after intense deliberation in the office

Make Sure You’re Sending in Your Halloween Costume Photos Via Email!

Halloween Costumes Four Loko-fied Hot Girls

We have a ton of Halloween Contest photos to share with you, and

Send In Your Photos to Our Halloween Costume Contest

All right all you Chilean miners out there. Don't forget to send in your photos for our second-annual Halloween

Don’t Forget to Submit Your Photos to Our Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Costume Captain Cock Block Halloween Costume Captain Cock Block

The first

Send in Your Halloween Costume Photos for Our Second Annual Contest

Just a quick reminder that if the Halloween party season started early for you this past weekend, you should send in photos

The Second Annual BroBible Halloween Costume Contest is Here!

beer pong halloween costume

sky clouds hot girls halloween costume