cool story

This Man Claims Bigfoot Threw a Rock at Him


Bigfoot really screwed up this poor man's camping trip.

cool story

13 Really Dumb Things That Got Bros Arrested


Everyone knows a Bro with a pretty good "the time I got arrested" story.

do you even internet

Are You Addicted to the Internet?


If you clicked on a blog posted called "are you addicted to the Internet.

I'm Awake Now

Driver falls asleep, rolls truck, blocks three lanes of traffic and tells cops ‘Bro, I’m awake now’


  We've all fallen asleep behind the wheel but not many of us have called a cop a "bro" after doing it.

fraternity bro

Bro Makes Al Pacino Look Like Norv Turner in Epic Flag Football Speech


For the longest time, Al Pacino's halftime speech in Any Given Sunday was the gold standard of motivational speeches.

type of beer drinkers

What type of beer drinker are you?


There are seven different types of beer drinkers according to this flow chart.


Cocky 8-Year-Old Girl to Chicago Bears Mascot: ‘Deal With It, Bro!’


The Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears rivalry is no joke.


What the REAL Bro Wikipedia Page Should Look Like


BRO From Bropedia, the free Bropedia The Bro, also known as Sir Bro, Brosef Stalin, Brochacho, HasBro, Little Bro Peep, Josh Brolin, BroMageddon, Brobert Brojols, The Baddest Mothaf*cka In Town, Brominator, Brorannosaurus Rex, is self described as the "lead vagina-crusher" and "awesome at all times wherever cool sh*t is going down.

Jose Canseco

‘Steroid Beer’ is a Real Thing, Contains 8 Substances Banned by the IOC


The hops homies at Brew Dog have created a beer called "Never Mind the Anabolics.

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