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New Site GirlsOnAMap.com Recommends Vacation Destinations Based on Attractiveness of Girls

So this site called Girls on a Map launched today. Normally, we don't give a rat's dick about other sites launching, but when

Flying Sucks, You Guys

Flying sucks. You know it. I know it. Hell, even the pilots know it; why else do you think they get hammered at the airport

10 Tips I Learned from Last Weekend’s Bachelor Party

The past weekend I went with seven of my closest friends to Montreal for a bachelor party, giving our buddy one final set of shenanigans

Your Debaucherous Weekend with a Bro Visiting

There are a few benchmarks of the post-grad life. There’s your first day at your new job. Your first day spent

Group of Bros Take the Most Incredible Yearly Road Trip, Build Own Hockey Rink and Play for Days

This group of Bros from Canada are doing it fucking right. Love me some road trips. Seeing this video just made me want to take

Why Las Vegas IS the Best City in America

Last weekend I took my first trip to Las Vegas and my head is still spinning from all the wonderment that the city had to

10 Tips to Survive a Trip to Las Vegas

From the CEO of AWOL, Matt Martinez, comes the definitive guide to Las Vegas. And if you happen to be the Sin City July 20-23 check