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Will CrossFit Make You Better in the Bedroom? Dom Mazzetti Answers That And More

Prepare to learn as much from this video as you learned in 4 years of college.

How to Take Your Shirt Off In Public, According to Shirt Removal Expert, and Renowned Lothario, Dom Mazzetti

Do you even take your shirt off, Bro?

Dom Mazzetti Expertly Stereotypes ‘Fitness Chicks’

Fitness chicks. Prepare to expertly stereotyped.

How to Find a Gym Buddy (w/Dom Mazzetti)

Lifting weights is better with a gym buddy at your side. Or so says Dom Mazzetti.

The Pros and Cons of Taking Steroids

A lot of compelling arguments here.

How to Lose Fat Without Giving up Alcohol

This week’s subject is a touchy one – drinking alcohol while trying to lose fat, or minimize fat gain. I believe it’s possible to drink

10 Machines You Didn’t Know Were Perfect for Bicep Workouts

If there is one thing self-proclaimed bro science expert Dom Mazzetti knows, it's that training biceps isn't everything, it's the only thing.

How to Get Hyped for a Lift, with Dom Mazzetti

You can follow Dom Mazzetti's advice on how to get hyped for a lift or you can just throw on the Rocky 4 training montage,

Evolution of the Lifting Man, by Dom Mazzetti

This is scary accurate.

If You Must Do Cardio, What Are the Best Exercises? Dom Mazzetti Has That Answer

Dom’s back with his latest edition of Ask the Brofessor talking cardio, benching on leg day, and people who look […]

Gym Buddy Problems with Dom Mazzetti

Gym Buddies: You can't lift with them, you can't lift without them. Or can you? 

Dom Mazzetti Tells Us How to Properly Prepare for Beach Weekends

Beach weekend pump workout--all about speed and efficiency. Be sure to get the lowdon before you crush the shore.