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Carolina Panthers Running Back DeAngelo Williams Gives Up His First-Class Seat for a Marine

What a Bro move by Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams. Bravo, sir.

Indianapolis Colts Players Pat McAfee and Coby Fleener Surprise Heroic U.S. Army Veteran

We've said it about a million times here at BroBible: Pat McAfee is THE man.

Chelsea Handler Quit Her Show Because She’s Tired Of Talking About Justin Bieber And The Kardashians

We just gained a brand new respect for Chelsea Handler. Back in March it was announced that Handler would be leaving her E! […]

Once Again, Leonardo DiCaprio Proved That He’s THE MAN By Throwing Shade at Justin Bieber

  Is there a Bro on the planet with more admirable swagger than Leonardo DiCaprio? Last week I blogged about how […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Refused To Go to a Party Because the Stupid Kardashians Were There

Just another reason to love Bro King Leonardo DiCaprio.

Little Bro Catches a Foul Ball, Uses It as an Excuse to Hit on the Hot Girls Sitting Behind Him

What a stud!

Bill Murray Wingmans For a Wounded Afghanistan War Veteran, Hooks Him Up with a Group of Hot Chicks

Do you need another amazing reason to love Bill Murray or what?

Girls Purposely Gives a Bro the Wrong Number at the Bar, Rando Texts Back Some Serious Bro Advice

Age old story: Bro hits on a girl at the bar, asks for the girl's number. Rather than just saying "no thanks," she gives him

Rather Than Buying ‘Bottles and Blow’ for His 25th Birthday, NYC Bro Buys $600 Worth of McDonalds

... And gives it all away to the underprivileged. Here's the story, sent to us via a tipster:  On October 8th, 2013, 25-year-old Joseph Perlson decided that

Bro Has an Awesome Reaction After Waking Up from Surgery Next to His Hot Wife

This dude is the man. Coming out of hernia surgery and still quite loopy, he has quite a visceral reaction to his smokin' hot wife's smokin'

Bro Leaves Epic Morning After Note Under the Toilet Seat About a Cheating Girlfriend

Props to this Bro for figuring out how to perfectly inform this girl's boyfriend about his lady's cheating. Like a boss, he taped it UNDER

Pi Kappa Phi Brothers to Go On a 4,000-mile Bike Ride for Charity

This is what I call a Bro move right here... 

Matt Kemp Gives a Brave Bro His Hat, Jersey and Shoes

Los Angeles Dodgers centerfielder Matt Kemp gave away his hat, jersey and shoes after a game in San Francisco over the weekend.

Billy Joel Invites Freshman Vandy Bro On-Stage to Perform ‘New York State of Mind’

Flawlessly, too. Vandy freshman Michael Pollack hails from Roslyn, New York, so he obviously knows his fair share about Strong Island's native son, Billy Joel.

23-Year-Old Guy Squats in $2.5 Million Boca Raton Mansion, and He Can’t Be Kicked Out

It's your classic American success story, really: Man works hard, man saves up, man moves into that $2.5 million mansion on the hill in Boca

Jim Irsay Continues to Be Coolest Owner In Sports, Mails a Fan $8,500 In Cash Money

Hey, a bet is a bet, even when it's made on Twitter. 

Bros Snuck Into Spurs’ Locker Room at MSG and Asked Gregg Popovich a Question on a Camera Phone

We received this video last night from a friend and reader of the site. Basically, he and his friends had court-side seats to the Knicks-Spurs