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Two Bros Ordered a Pizza: An Oral History

On August 10, 2014, two bros sat down and did something that did not change history at all.

Apparently, It’s National Go Topless Day?

Oh, word?

10 Facts About a Single Bro’s Sex Life That You Won’t Believe

If you're not part of that 82% then you and I probably wouldn't be very good friends.

5 Apps Every Bro Needs Right Now

Get downloading, fool.

This Hockey Bro Can Do the Most Incredible Tricks You’ve Ever Seen with a Skoal Tin

Is there anything more Bros love than packing mad lips and doing tricks?

What If There Was a ‘Purge’ Where Bros Could Do Whatever They Wanted to For 24 Hours?

Jimmy Tatro imagined what it'd be like if "The Purge" just an excuse Bros to rage however they like for 24-hours.

Study Says Men Should Do Kegel Exercises, Too

Don't laugh. It'll improve your sex life.

Is This Appalachian State Chubbies Ambassador Is a Huge Bro or a Fratty Try-Hard?

What do you think, bros? Mad chill? Or mad weak?

This Amazing Video Is How Every Bro Should Live Their Life

Ever have one of those days, weeks, months, years when you things just aren't going the way you hoped they would be?

6 Ways Being a Bro Hasn’t Changed At All Since The 1800s

Being a Bro means being an animal.

Ultimate NYC Bro on Craigslist Is Looking for Someone to Break In His Rainbow Flip-Flops For Him

I feel think man's pain; The blisters that come with breaking in a pair of Rainbows suck, especially when you're planning on raging in them

5 Things Bros Need to Stop Saying

Bros-there is nothing wrong with being a little predictable.

10 Signs You’re Not Ready to Own a Dog

11. You like cats.

5 Things a Bro Would Never Do

While bros come in all sizes, shapes, and colors (but mostly we are attractive, athletic, and amazing at life), there are just certain things that

The Drinking Life Cycles of Every Bro

The booze phases every bro goes through.

Ever Wonder What Group Text Messages Would Look Like In Real Life?

Group text messages must stop. Unless it’s super urgent. Something like “Dear everyone in my phone, I’m going to die […]

Why ‘Mean Girls’ Is the Most Bro-Tastic Movie of All Time

In the history of time, no movie has better defined bros than a movie written about a group of high school girls. It might seem

Why I’m a Gay Bro, and Why You Should Be Friends with One

One night about a year ago, I went out for some beers with some of my fraternity brothers at a bar near campus. After some

Why We’re All Haters Sometimes

In previous posts, I’ve defended my status as a “hater,” sanitizing it as some sort of noble undertaking; bravely castigating wrongdoers while the rest of you

Dying Dad Proves a Bro Is a Bro, Even On His Deathbed

Three days ago Redditor Galaga88 posted a moving picture on r/Pics. It's a picture of a hospital dry erase board. Under the "Satisfaction to Me Means:"

4 Steps for Transforming Dusty Basements Into Amazing Man Caves

If your basement has wasted space that's just collecting broken holiday decorations and outdated clothing, it's time to reclaim the space and put it to

What Is the Proper Etiquette for Acknowledging Farts? Plus, a Debate on Bar Tipping Protocols

This week on the BroBible Podcast, longtime Saved by the Bell fan Reggie Noble joins host JCamm and motivtional quote googler Lance to

Guy Makes Questionable ‘Bro Choice’ Video, Which Favors Abortion So He Could Have More Sex

The thing with being funny is, there are certain lines that you have to be REAALLLY careful about crossing. What's wrong with this video--a spoof

The 18 Best Cities for Bros

Have you ever been sitting around, pounding fratty lights with your friends, thinking "Hey, I wonder what city has the most Bros per capita?" Me

50 Awkward Situations A Guy Will Experience Before He Is 30

There comes a time in every guy’s life where he is put in an awkward situation. Awkward situations are exactly like

Are Frat Bros Misogynists?

Epic response here to a weird Cosmo take down of frat Bros... 

8 Ways a Bro Can Kill Time This Summer

Summer’s finally here and since we can’t all go to Ecuador and pick up litter like some of our Facebook friends,

How to Throw a Bachelor Party: The Greatest Short Film About Bros Ever Made

In four days, I’m going to be the best man in my best friend Mike’s wedding. Everything is ready: My […]

Strip Club-Hating Bro Gives Them Another Chance, Finally Sees the Light

Over the last year or so, I have overcome my initial reservations about strip clubs that stemmed from falling in love

The 6 Legacies Every Bro Wants to Have

Legacy. It’s a word men often discuss and think about, yet its dictionary definition remains shortsighted and empty. When a guy mentions legacy around his friends,

The Class of 2013 Bro-mmencement Address


5 Constant Struggles of a Young College Bro

Everyone has struggles, whether it’s paying rent or getting out of bed in the morning. Young college Bros are no different. However, there are five

University of Richmond Bro Writes the Ultimate Bro Christmas List Circa 2008

Crokies, Brooks Brothers, and Vineyard Vines LAX ties, OH MY! You'll see no snark from us about this awesome Christmas list obviously penned by a

Why We Text and Drive

Over the past few years, with the widespread use of cellular devices, texting and driving has received a ton of bad press. But whose fault

The 5 Worst People on the Road

It seems like summer and traffic go hand-in-hand. Everyone is back from college, newly licensed teenagers are out of school during the day, families take

The Definitive Guide To Post-Hook-Up Exit Strategies

There are 2 main objectives of the game every bros knows while at the bar any venue that has bang sesh potential…so f-ing everywhere.

‘Only Lads Will Get This’: Proof that British Bros Aren’t That Different from Their American Cousins

British Bros vs. American Bros: We're kinda different, yet ultimately we're the same type of beast. Minus the polished Hugh Grant accent. Our fellow Bros

10 Reasons Every Bro Should Be Single for Summer

Like me, many of you probably stocked the coolers, dusted off the dizzy bats, and headed seaward for your inaugural beach pilgrimage of 2012 this

Here Are 8 Tips to Survive the Hell That is Finals Week

For many college students, finals week is already underway or about to begin. Too many people get caught up with the stresses that emerge this

Video: Classic Movies Subtitled for Bros

Here's a great video from "On The Bro'd," the Tumblr blog that translated all of Jack Kerouac's "On The Road" into bro-speak. They've