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Nick Offerman’s Shower Thoughts Are Why We Love Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman is a hero to Bros everywhere.

Hunter S. Thompson’s Daily Cocaine and Booze Diet Is Going Viral Again, So We’re Blogging It Again

Last year a newspaper clipping from E. Jean Carroll’s biography Hunter: The Strange and Savage Life of Hunter S. Thompson started blowing up on the

This 87-Year-Old Nudist Running For Sheriff In Washington Definitely Has My Vote

I don't care what this guy is running for, I'm voting for him.

This Big Fat Dude Getting His Gunt Grinded On By A Hot Chick Is My Spirit Animal

What is this event and why was I not invited?

Bill Murray Enjoys Soft-Serve Just Like the Rest of Us

Ah, breaking news about the man, the myth, the legend, Bill Murray: Turns out he enjoys soft serve just like the rest of us!

Here’s a Mini-Doc on a Bro Hall-of-Famer Who Has Survived Solely on Cheese Pizza For 25 Years

Gettin' the vibe that this guy likes pizza.

Like a Boss, George H.W. Bush Went Skydiving On His 90th Birthday

We salute your badassness, GHWB.

U.S. Hockey Player T.J. Oshie Had an Amazing Response After Being Called a ‘Hero’

YES, YES, YES and YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U-S-A. U-S-A. U-S-A. Just had good talk with America's newest hero. Only don't call T.J. […]

Everyone On the Planet Thinks Matthew McConaughey Is a God These Days

Allow me to fanboy-out for a second. Have you watched Dallas Buyers Club? Or Wolf of Wall Street? Or True Detective? […]

Neil Patrick Harris Says ‘Let’s See How Many Margaritas I Can Drink,’ Gets Shitfaced In Mexico

As cool as Instagram is, it's way too flooded with obnoxious pictures of people's food and selfies. You know what Insta needs? More drunk pics. Fortunately, Neil

Remembering The Bro Legend That Was JFK…

JFK was one of the ultimate Bro Legends. Here's an awesome tribute to him...

The Amazing Story of an Indiana University Fraternity Doing No Shave November For a Bro with Cancer

How can you not love everything about this? The only thing better than growing a beard is growing a beard for an amazing cause. In late

Millionaire Playboy/Venture Capitalist/Poker Player Dan Bilzerian Is Very, Very Good at Instagram

Millionaire playboy poker player/venture capitalist Dan Bilzerian lives a life that few of us can dream of. When he's not trolling the World Series of Poker

It’s 2013, And Zack Morris Is Still The Man…

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is a Bro x1000.

Joe Namath Allegedly Had Sex With Over 300 Girls While At Alabama

Ever want to know what Broadway Joe's number was during his college days at the University of Alabama? Now I want to know how many

Aaron Paul Awesomely Autographs the Napkin of His Waiter at Carrabba’s

Reason #54324 Aaron Paul is awesome. After dining at a Carrabba’s in Beaumont, TX, Aaron Paul left this amazing note on a napkin for his

Writer Claims Millennials Hate Bruce Springsteen Because It’s ‘Dad Rock’; I Think She’s Full of Sh*t

Back when I used to own a car, I had Sirius radio and would cruise around listening to Bruce Springsteen's "E Street Radio." It was

Celebrate Hunter S. Thompson’s 76th Birthday with Some Gonzo Real-Talk About Being Unemployed

“Some may never live, but the crazy never die.” Hunter S. Thompson -- an American writer who's had a profound impact on myself and millions

Tiger Woods Allegedly Got Drunk and Played Grab Ass with Lindsey Vonn

Tiger! Tuesday night was the prestigious Met Ball in New York City, where socilites and celebrities gather on the Upper East Side to mingle with

It’s Very Difficult to Outdo The Awesomeness Level of This Dancing Traffic Cop

If only every patrol dude was as entertaining as this guy. 

Read Hawaiian Sen. Daniel Inouye’s Badass Medal of Honor Citation from World War II

The world lost a Bro legend today. Long-time Hawaiian Democratic Sen. Daniel Inouye passed away at 88. A veteran of World War II, Sen. Inouye has

Bill Murray Crashes a Kickball League, Continues to be the Coolest Dude In the World

Nothing like a Sunday afternoon of kickball leaguin' in New York City. Especially when it's party-crashed by the coolest Bro in the world, Bill Murray.

Watch an Old Dude with a Walker Get His Rave On

Get this guy a beer, ASAP. At Canada's "The Kee to Bala" music festival, this old dude in a walker got shredded while surrounded by

101-Year Old Dude Who Drinks Beer and Runs Marathons Is Bro as Sh*t

I want to be Buster Martin when I grow up. As you'll see in this clip from Mark S. Wexler's 2009 documentary, 'How To Live

This Bill F*cking Murray Tribute Is the Best Thing on the Internet Today

Stop everything. The best damn thing on the Internet today is Eclectic Method's remix tribute to the man, the myth, the legend, Bill Motherf*cking Murray. It's pretty

10 Classic Hunter S. Thompson Quotes (That Aren’t from ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’)

There's a very good chance a Hunter S. Thompson quote popped up on your Facebook newsfeed or Twitter stream today. The legendary outlaw Gonzo journalist

Bill Murray Dives on Tarp During Minor League Rain Delay, Is Chronically Awesome

Reason #4257 Bill Murray is The Man: Yesterday during the Charleston RiverDogs' rain delay, Murray entertained fans by using the infield tarp as a makeshift

Remembering Richard Dawson, The Biggest Bro In Game Show History

Richard Dawson, the long-time host of "Family Feud," died Saturday after a long bout with esophageal cancer. He was remembered most for his steady hosting

90-Year-Old WW II D-Day Vet Tells an Amazing Story About the Time He Tamed a Nazi Sharpshooter

With Memorial Day peeping it's head around the corner, how about a story from a 90-year-old World War II D-Day veteran on what

14-Year-Old Pitcher with One Arm Throws His First No-Hitter

Absolutely the best feel-good story of the day. World, meet 14-year-old Little League sensation Coleman Shannon. Due to a a medical condition known

RIP Levon Helm

Sad day for fans of great music. Levon Helm, the legendary drummer/vocalist of The Band, passed away at 71. Pour a beer, blast

Greatest Obituary Ever Reads, ‘He Enjoyed Booze, Guns, Cars and Younger Women Until the Day He Died’

Men, make sure you pour a beer out for Michael “Flathead” Blanchard of Colorado this evening. Behold, the greatest obituary in recent memory, as published

Here’s Bruce Springsteen Chugging a Beer From a Fan Mid-Song

Bruuuuce! Nothing to see here, just The Boss being a boss. On Wednesday night, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performed in

My Joe Paterno Story

Over the past few months, I've learned that it's impossible for me to view Joe Paterno objectively. Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, I've lionized Paterno

This Pot-Smoking Grandpa Is the Coolest Dude You’ll See Today

This has to be the coolest old guy we've seen in a while. A subwoofer-loving car stereo enthusiast was blasting his system one

Derek Jeter Sends His One-Night Stands Home with Signed Jeter Memorabilia, ‘Usually a Baseball’

Today the New York Post has the best Jeter hook-up story in recent memory. Atta boy, #2...

Just a Photo of Michael Jordan Gambling with a Fat Stack of Benjamins

This photo is making the rounds this afternoon and has been pinging around the Internet for quite a while, we believe. We're not really sure

Bro Legend Mark Cuban Talks Dodger Ownership and Entrepreneurship on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street

This morning one of our favorite billionaire Bros in business, Mark Cuban, rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange to help kick-off Global

Nine Life Lessons Learned From Hunter S. Thompson’s Viral Legacy

After nearly 15 years of production delays and buzz, "The Rum Diary," starring Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, opens nationwide at multiplexes this weekend.

This 90-Year Old Farmer Has Fathered 50 Kids And Doesn’t Know All of Their Names

World, meet Brazilian farmer Luiz Costa de Oliveira. At 90-years-old, he's somewhat of a Casanova.