A Top 10 List Of Famous Bros I’d Get Drunk With, By Reader Request

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Earlier today The Gang from It's Always Sunny established that Danny Devito is, indeed, worthy of being called a Bro King.


10 Facts About U.S. Presidents Who Partied Their Faces Off


Editor's Note: Our buddy Brian Brian Abrams, editor-in-chief of the fantastic pop culture site Death and Taxes, wrote a book about United States Presidents who knew how to bro-down in the Oval Office and have a good time.

military bros

WATCH: U.S. Soldier Survives Shot To Helmet During Firefight With Taliban

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Before you press play on this video, think about where you are currently and what you're doing right now.

indianapolis colts

Indianapolis Colts Punter And All-Around Bro King Pat McAfee Awesomely Mocks ESPN Following Colts Win


Just another reason why Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee is one of the biggest Bro Kings in sports.

chill bros

Jeremy Shockey Proves He’s A Mad Chill Bro By Spending New Year’s Eve At A Phish Show


NFL tight end Jeremy Shockey has a reputation for being a mad chill bro.

mark cuban

Bro King Mark Cuban Has Some Profound Insight On The Hardest Part Of Being A Billionaire


As you can probably expect, we're pretty big fans of Mark Cuban, the outspoken billionaire entrepreneur/owner of the Dallas Mavs.

do you even lift bro

Hugh Jackman Most Certainly Lifts, Bro


Hugh Jackman didn't get to be Wolverine-huge by taking off days at the gym.

leonardo dicaprio

REPORT: Leonardo DiCaprio Leaves A Miami Club With 20 Girls To Party Back At His Place


I don't really understand the point of Art Basel other than it being an excuse for celebrities to go to Miami and one-up each other in the gossip blogs.


Do NOT Try To Pull A Fast One On Nick Offerman When It Comes To Whisky


As I mentioned yesterday, American national treasure, humorist, and woodworker Nick Offerman loves his scotch whisky.

bro legends

Here’s The Incredible Toast Nick Offerman Gave At A Scotch Tasting Last Night


Last night in New York City, I attended a scotch tasting hosted for two delicious single malts whiskys that belong on every Bro's drinking bucket list: Lagavulin and Oban.

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