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44 Redneck Inventions That Are Pure Genius

You'd be surprised about all the innovative things you can do with a couple of tins of Skoal.

The Future Is Here: In Five Years, Amazon.com Will Be Delivering Stuff to Your Door via UAV Drones

Woah. On Sunday night before Cyber Monday mayhem, 60 Minutes blew the world's collective minds with a report by Charlie Rose about Amazon.com. Most of the interview

A Bunch of Bros Built a 50-Beer Octobong Funnel and It’s Freakin’ EPIC

After America, NO ONE parties harder than the Kiwi Bros of New Zealand. During a casual day-drink sesh, a group of Bro decided to build

Bros, Sick of Your Boat Shoe Laces Coming Untied? There’s a Kickstarter Invention for That…

I can't believe someone thought of this.  I also can't believe I have an anecdote to illustrate why this invention is so genius. After a few years

The Future Is Now: Check Out This Crazy Robot Bartender

Hey bartenders: Here's a machine that's going to put your profession out of business. Best of all, thirsty imbibers don't have to tip it. Meet

Bro Invention of the Day: The One-Handed Condom Wrapper

Well here's something that needed to be invented: A condom wrapper that can be opened with one hand. The condom's actual safety is debatable, but

Let’s Hope Flying Cars Will Be Here Soon…

Let's get this out of the way first: This video sucks because there's no audio. It desperately needs a Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" soundtrack. The

College Student Creates a Kick-Ass Backpack for Scaling Brick Walls

IMF Agent Ethan Hunt doesn't have sh*t on the Utah State University "Ascending Aggies" engineering team. The Air Force recently went to these guys and

This Guy Figured Out How to Make a Grappling Hook Launcher With A Fire Extinguisher

MIT student Christian Reed got bored this summer and spent his time doing something constructive: Building a homemade grappling hook launcher with a