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Badass of the Day: 69 Years Ago, This Army Badass Did Something Incredible

Today's Badass of the Day is United States Army Private Joseph Frederick Merrell, Company I, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division (“The Old China Hands”).

A Marine and Soldier Takes Back the American Flag from Disrespectful Protesters

I hate it when hippies parade the flag upside down to make some sort of extremist point about America "being in a state of

What This Soldier Did In the Middle of Combat Is the Very Definition of ‘Bro’

This clip from '60 Minutes' on Medal of Honor recipient Army Capt. Will Swenson is over a year old, but it's making the rounds today

U.S. Hockey Player T.J. Oshie Had an Amazing Response After Being Called a ‘Hero’

YES, YES, YES and YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U-S-A. U-S-A. U-S-A. Just had good talk with America's newest hero. Only don't call T.J. [...]

Millionaire Playboy/Venture Capitalist/Poker Player Dan Bilzerian Is Very, Very Good at Instagram

Millionaire playboy poker player/venture capitalist Dan Bilzerian lives a life that few of us can dream of. When he's not trolling the World Series of Poker

Watch Bro King Mark Cuban Slam the Government After Winning His Insider Trading Case

Mark Cuban speaks to reporters after beating insider trading charges brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Today in a Dallas court, Mark Cuban -- a

John Daly Had the Tweet of the Century About Miley Cyrus and Sex

Responding to Miley Cyrus' awkward conversation with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, John Daly won Twitter this morning by Tweeting to Miley Cyrus

Is This a Picture of Vice President Joe Biden Talking on an iPhone with a Budweiser Case?

This picture is amazing. I have no idea what its origins are or what the backstory is here, but It popped on my radar this


OTL’s ‘Man In The Red Bandanna,’ The Story Of Boston College Laxer and 9/11 Hero Welles Crowther

This is the story of Welles Crowther, a former Boston College lacrosse player and investment banker who died heroically rescuing others in the South Tower

Broadcasting Hero Squeezes 41 ‘Seinfeld’ References into His Sports Report

I’ve searched far and wide—and failed—to find anything in this world I love as much as Seinfeld. So this amazing sportscast from Louisville anchor Adam

The Amazing Story of a High School Football Player Returning to the Game After Losing His Leg

During a Huntley Project High School (Montana) football game last season, Koni Dole suffered a compound fracture and was rushed to the hospital. The only

U.S. Korean War POWs Used to Flip Off North Korean Photographers Just For Kicks, Because ‘MERICA

I love this story so much, it just has to be shared. It comes from a website called Allproudamericans.com, a Geocities-esque site with

Bro of the Year Marine Helps a Boy Finish a Charity 5k

This is hands down the best pic you will see today. Bro of the year worthy? I think so. Read the whole story about it

Sh*tty Day? Suck It Up & Remember How 69 Years Ago Today, American Heroes Stormed a Beach in France

For those of you who haven't looked at a calendar, today is June 6, or D-Day. That means that if you're having a shitty day

Bill Murray’s Mustache at the Golden Globes Should Win All the Awards (GIF)

ERMAHGERD, LOOK AT THAT THING. Is he playing a drunk civil war colonel in his next movie? Regardless, AMAZING.  Bill Murray, Bro of the year,

Read Hawaiian Sen. Daniel Inouye’s Badass Medal of Honor Citation from World War II

The world lost a Bro legend today. Long-time Hawaiian Democratic Sen. Daniel Inouye passed away at 88. A veteran of World War II, Sen. Inouye has

Watch Bro Hero Mark Cuban Throw Away NBA Power Balance Bracelets Because It’s a Huge Scam

Reason #4532 Mark Cuban is THE MAN. 

5 Reasons Mark Cuban Doesn’t Like Facebook

Just admit it: You have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. You love it because it keeps you up-to-date with your favorite websites (cough)

30 Heroic and Badass U.S. Armed Forces Veterans Every Bro Needs to Know About

Allow us to wave the flag for a moment: America is an amazing place. The list of intangibles that we love about our country is

Here Is Colts Coach Chuck Pagano’s Highly Emotional, Moving Postgame Speech

Colts Coach Chuck Pagano took an indefinite leave of absence after his sudden and unexpected leukemia diagnosis. He was able to attend the Indy's victory

Intense Footage of a Soldier’s Bravery During a Firefight in Afghanistan

On an intel and reconnaissance mission in the Kunar Province, Afghanistan, a brave US solider took on heavy fire from Taliban insurgents. The combat footage starts right

101-Year Old Dude Who Drinks Beer and Runs Marathons Is Bro as Sh*t

I want to be Buster Martin when I grow up. As you'll see in this clip from Mark S. Wexler's 2009 documentary, 'How To Live

True Brolympians Series: Wilford Brimley, One Cantankerous Mother F*cker

From the ancient days of the dawn of man all the way up to current times there have been men who have proven themselves to

Indianapolis Pacers’ Roy Hibbert to Fulfill Young Fan’s Dying Wish

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert will pay a visit to a fan in California with stage four leukemia. Lee Eddins, 12, had hoped to meet

U.S. Marines vs. ‘Call Me Maybe’

Hey, we've posted every other "Call Me Maybe" spoof on the Internet so forgive me if something in my brain has told me I'm obligated

10 Badass Prints of American Historical Figures, as Depicted By Artist Jason Heuser

American history is already pretty awesome, but if only it could be this awesome. "Badass" is the only superlative you need to describe Jason “SharpWriter” Heuser's

Kevin Hillery Becomes the First Paraplegic to Graduate from the US Naval Academy

Meet your new Bro hero. Last year 22-year-old Kevin Hillery was paralyzed from the waist down when a tree fell on him while mountain biking

Watch the Inspiring OTL on Kyle Maynard, a Congenital Amputee Who Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro

Quadruple amputee Kyle Maynard is an absolute inspiration and hero to many-a Bro. If you're not familiar with his story, check out my

Our Bro of the Week Inspired a Lot of Wisconsin Bros

This is our second to last Bro of the Week for the year. We'll do one more next Friday and then we'll probably do a

Here’s A Picture of Medal of Honor Recipient Marine Dakota Meyer Having a Beer With President Obama

It isn't often you see such a candid private moment like this, but here it is. Tomorrow at 2:30 P.M., President Obama will bestow Marine

Medal of Honor Recipient Army Ranger Leroy Petry Tells His Incredible Story to David Letterman

Back in July we told you about Army Ranger Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Petry, who was the second living American to be presented with

World War II Vets From Army’s 84th Infantry Division Gather For A Final Reunion in St. Louis

Yesterday the STL Today ran a bittersweet story about a group of World War II veterans from the Army's 84th Division who are

Marines Have Banned Audible Farting Downrange in Afghanistan Because It Offends Afghans

Peace time is here!! We did it, America!! Lighting up the face of some Afghan -- with a mid-morning trumpet fart -- has become our

Start Your Monday Morning by Reading General George S. Patton’s D-Day Letter to His Son

Last night I spotted this gem-of-a-missive at Art of Manliness and thought it was worth a re-post here as a little Monday motivation.

NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski Gives Fallen Navy SEALs a Shout-Out After Winning at Pocono Raceway

We don't really cover NASCAR stuff all that often around here, but we want to briefly bring your attention to Brad Keselowski's victory

U.S. Solider Who Lost His Legs and Use of His Right Arm in Afghanistan Goes Scuba Diving in Key West

This is absolutely one of the most uplifting things you'll see today. Last December, Army Chief Warrant Officer Scott Schroeder, of Clarksville, Tennessee

This Old Footage of FDR Catching an 80-Pound Tarpon in Texas Reminds Us How Much of a Boss He Was

Thanks to the folks at the FDR Presidential Library, this video has been on Internet for a while. However, this epic achievement of manliness hasn't

Paralyzed Rutgers’ Football Player Eric LeGrand Stands During Therapy

Here is something that has nothing to do with horse f*cking and everything to do with awesome. Eric LeGrand, a 6-foot-2, 275-pound defensive lineman for

Remember that ATM Receipt With a Balance of Nearly $100 Million? Someone Claimed It

Well son of a b*tch, if that thing didn't belong to a hedge fund manager named David Tepper. Couldn't see that curveball coming.

Move Over Captain America: Sgt. Llewellyn Chilson Was an Absolute Boss

Who needs fictional heroes like Captain America when we have brave, real-life bad@$$es like World War II's Llewellyn