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I Can’t Stop Watching Ric Flair Teaching Someone How To ‘WOOO!!!’


Last Tuesday, when it was dumping snow outside, I headed over to Penn Station area of New York City to crash a party for Delta Passport's to Madison Square Garden, a showcase of the arena.

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WATCH: U.S. Soldier Survives Shot To Helmet During Firefight With Taliban

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Before you press play on this video, think about where you are currently and what you're doing right now.


Awkward Things People Say To Soldiers At Parties When They Get Home


There are a lot of idiots and disrespectful people in the world.

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Bro Stops A Girl From Being Sexually Assaulted In Atlanta On NYE, Gets 11 Staples In His Head From The Attack


Last week, we received a tip from a reader about a Bro who was injured after stopping a sexual assault on New Year's Eve in Atlanta.


Chris Kyle’s Dad Told Clint Eastwood That He’d ‘Unleash Hell’ If He Disrespected His Son In ‘American Sniper’


Here at BroBible, we've been anxiously awaiting Clint Eastwood's forthcoming film adaptation of Chris Kyle's autobiography, American Sniper.

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In Remembrance Of Navy Fighter Pilot Lieutenant Nathan Poloski, The Ultimate Bro


On Saturday, while I was watching the WVU-Oklahoma game at a bar with a friend, an e-mail from a reader landed in our inbox.

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Bro Picks Up A Sick Vietnam War Vet At A Bus Stop In A Ferrari. What Happens Next Gets All Of The Feels…


I have to give major props to the YouTube channel whatever for this tremendous video.


U.S. Soldier Wears a GoPro During a Firefight Against the Taliban in Afghanistan


The nightmarish realities of war is all too easily out-of-sight, out-of-mind for most Americans.

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