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If You’ve Got Any Of These Personality Traits, You’re Going To Make An Awful Dad Some Day

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I haven’t watched the movie Parenthood in at least ten years yet one line from Keanu Reeves character Tod pops into my head at least once a week.


Study: More and More Dudes Are Just Like “Fuck It, I’ll Be a Stay-At-Home Dad”


In related news, "Kids Complaining About How Shitty Their Lunch Is Reaches All-Time High".

My Dad is a Bro

5 Important Things a Father Should Teach His Son


Dads are a strange and temperamental group, one minute they’re imparting life skills on you, the next moment they’re hitting you with a belt because your dog vomited in the kitchen again.

My Dad is a Bro

Dad Wears Super Short Jorts In Public to Teach His Daughter a Lesson


Fact: Bros love jorts, though only when homemade and worn in a redneck manner that mocks hipster douchebags.


Father of Injured MSU Cheerleader Tells Her ‘No One Likes a Chick with a Big Butt’ on Facebook


When his daughter Taylor hit the hardwood last night during halftime of Michigan State's game against FSU, Charles Young probably thought the worst.

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