cock blocking

10 Crimes Bros Should Never Commit Against Their Fellow Bros


Every bro enjoys ripping on his friends when the moment calls for it, but there’s a fine line between poking fun at a fellow bro who just pissed the bed and making said bro drink a piss-filled yellow-Gatorade for no reason other than personal entertainment.


The Bro Code, Summarized By the Longest GIF Ever


Bro code 101: Always have a fellow Bros back.

social networking

The Facebook Police Would Sure Solve a Lot of Problems


Think before you put stupid sh*t on Facebook or these guys will hunt you down and kill you.

Veronica Mars

11 TV characters who flagrantly violated the ‘Bro Code’


One of the fundamental tenets of the Bro Code is Thou Shalt Not Go After A Bro’s Ex-Girlfriend.

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