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Brian Wilson Loves America and is F*cking Excited to Play for the Dodgers

Dude is as weird as they come but anyone who loves America, rocks a mohawk, and drops casual "Bros" into everyday conversation is alright by

Brian Wilson Gets Corso and Herbstreit to Laugh Like School Boys

Brian Wilson's become a walking circus and this weekend he showed his face on College Gameday to give his predictions on this weekend's

Brian Wilson Bought a Pair of Marty McFly’s ‘Nike Air Mags’

If you had Brian Wilson at the top of your office pool for celebrities most likely to scoop up the Nike Air Mags first, congratulations!

Brian Wilson Left a Great Message In His High School Yearbook for Anyone Who Hated Him

Who's gas will the haters be pumping when their lives go to sh*t? Brian Wilson's gas, that's who (so long as said haters wound-up living

Brian Wilson’s Outfit to the ESPYs

Quite the statement, no?

Brian Wilson Explains His New Catch Phrase, “Got Heeeeem”

At this point, people have stopped questioning the sanity, or lack there of, of Brian Wilson. If it's all some contrived act, it's working. Despite

Video: Brian Wilson & Cody Ross Perform ‘Dynamite’ with Keenan Cahill

God dammit, I can't stand this f*cking kid but Keenan Cahill has just forced my hand into posting another one of his videos. His inclusion

Brian Wilson’s 29th Birthday Party Looked Predictably Awesome

Back before spring training and the season got underway, Brian Wilson and his beard had a birthday celebration in Scottsdale, Arizona. Deadspin obtained a few

Showtime Airs Trailer for San Francisco Giants Series, ‘The Franchise’

Showtime aired the first trailer for their upcoming "Hard Knocks"-esque series "The Franchise," about the San Francisco Giants, earlier this week, but not in any

Video: Brian Wilson Tells Jim Rome He Has a Taste for Blood

A few things about Brian Wilson are clear: He wants people to think he is batshit crazy and he absolutely loves winning. This upcoming season,