Roger Clemens

6 athletes who joined their bitter rivals


This team is your team, this team is my team.

Today Show

Brett Favre and Matt Lauer Talked NFL Locker Room Bullying and Not Allowing a Son to Play Football


Richie Incognitio's bullying of Jonathan Martin is still the biggest news story in the NFL right now.

Disney World

Brett Favre Spotted at Disney World, Tourists Take Pretty Hilarious Photographs


In the midst of widespread speculation that Brett Favre—yes, 43-year-old Brett Favre—may actually sign with the Steelers or Bears, our friends at Busted Coverage have succeeded in tracking him down.

Ray Lewis

Sports Links for August 21st: The Ray Lewis Edition


Now there's a guy who could give a helluva speech.

Brett Favre Twitter account hacked

Brett Favre releases statement about Twitter account


Brett Favre just started a Twitter account last week and now it appears it has already been hacked.

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