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Brent Musburger Introduces Himself as Kirk Herbstreit to Begin BCS Title Game

There are few people in this world we appreciate more than Brent Musburger. Dude is an absolute legend. But he would probably like a mulligan

Uh, What The Hell Was Eminem Doing During the Half-Time of the Michigan-Notre Dame Game?

During the half-time of last night's Notre Dame-Michigan game, Eminem entered the broadcast booth with Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit. Eminem was clearly uncomfortable, making

Of Course the Miss America Pageant Featured a Brent Musburger-Katherine Webb Question

Why do they even bother with any part of the Miss America pageant that isn’t the swimsuit competition? We all know that’s truly the deciding

ESPN is Sorry You Had to Listen to Brent Musburger Make Verbal Love to Katherine Webb

ESPN, through public relations guy Mike Soltys, addressed Brent Musburger’s fawning over Katherine Webb during last night’s national title game.

Brent Musburger Loses It Over the Hotness of AJ McCarron’s Mom and Girlfriend

He's not wrong, either... 

In Little League World Series, California Team Does What U.S. Women’s Soccer Can’t: Beat Japan

We supporting the United States being awesome at everything and anything, so hats off to the 12-year olds from Huntington Beach, California who