25 Reasons Iceland Shouldn’t Ban Porn


Pornography has been, and always will be, the greatest creation in entertainment history.

Porn stars

Bree Olson’s New Song ‘Hollywood Douchebag’ Couldn’t Be Any Better


Don't get me wrong, this song is AWFUL; it's worse on the ears than a doctor telling you "we're going to have to amputate.

Winona Ryder

Charlie Sheen: The complete hookup history


This week in alleged sexual history I thought we'd take a look at the life and times of one Charlie Sheen since he was back in the news recently.


Bree Olson Stars in ‘The Big Night’


Something tells me that Bree's departure from adult films, into viral videos, came at a severe pay cut.


Bree Olson Poses on the Cover of the August Issue of Playb*y, Opens Up About Sex with Charlie Sheen


  Porn star Bree Olson posing for Playboy is like Mario Batali becoming the head chef at an Applebee's.

morning headlines

A Machine that Gives BJs (Video), Bree Olson in Playb*y, and Arnold Takes a Man-Trip


  Here are your Morning Headlines: Babes: Bree Olson will pose for Playboy.

steak and a blow job day

In Honor of Steak and a BJ Day, Here’s P*rn Star and ‘Goddess’ Bree Olson Cooking a Steak Dinner


As you may have heard, today, March 14, is the mantastic holiday known as "Steak and Blow Job Day.