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A College Tried To Make Breast Cancer Awareness Cookies, They All Turned Out Looking Like Penises LOL!


There's not much context to go along with this photo, but Redditor Minidrc said these Breast Cancer Awareness cookies are being sold at her not-named university.

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Bill Burr Thinks Women Secretly Want To Ruin The NFL, Is Also A Big Fan Of Fat Shaming


Team Coco I am a HUGE fan of Bill Burr's comedy; his delivery and general tone slay me.


This Chick Put A Camera In Her Boobs To See How Many People Stare At Her Goods Each Day


YouTube As a man, when you read that headline, your mind immediately thinks that this is some unnecessary social experiment to prove that men are tit-thirsty boob-starers.


Guys motorboat girls for donations to breast cancer charities


As if there were a better reason to consensually get your face between some boobs, raising money for breast cancer charities seems like it.


Rebecca Romijn Hand Bras Are Awesome


Supermodel Rebecca Romijn has made appearences in six SI Swimsuit Issues over the years, gaining notoriety for the ever-popular "hand-bra" pics.


Making jokes in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month


In today's Guyism Speed Round, Chet Siegel discusses the new $100 bill and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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The 20 Greatest Moments in Breast History


Call them what you may — breasts, b**bs, tits, bongos, angel cakes, fun bags, chesticles, humdingers, beastwagons — but ever since archeologists discovered the boner, men have been gushing over mammaries.

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