Your Ex-Girlfriend Most Likely Waited THIS Long Before Sleeping With A New Guy According To This Survey


No one likes the thought of a recent ex-girlfriend sleeping with someone else, but just as Amber Rose is guaranteed to post at least one semi-nude photo to Instagram a week your ex is guaranteed to sleep with someone else at some point…unless they died (happy thoughts).


This Guy Is Having A Rough Time Getting Over His Ex, SnapChats His Struggle


When you're struggling with the reality that the person you loved no longer loves you, everything reminds you of that person and their inability to feel anything because they're a heartless piece of shit.


These People Have The WORST Breakup Stories I’ve Ever Heard And I Dare You To Come Up With A Worse Story

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There’s nothing quite like having your heart shattered and then immediately hearing how someone else had their heart broken 100x worse than you.


The Most INSANE Girl Ever Dumped Her Boyfriend Using TWENTY-FIVE Different Taylor Swift Songs In A Letter


I'm just going to throw it out there: If you're looking to Taylor Swift when it comes to relationship advice, you'd have better luck digging around in a septic tank for diamonds.


This Guy Live-Tweeted The Moment A Girl Found Out Who Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her With


I dunno about you guys, but I LOVE when I’m present for horrible shit going down in public.

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