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The Time A Woman Ran Crying From A Sex Shop After ‘Finding’ God


If you've ever worked in retail chances are that you have a handful of bizarre stories up your sleeve from off-the-wall encounters with customers.


These Are The Top 10 Reasons People Broke-Up In 2014


People uncouple for all kinds of reasons.


11 things you will probably regret doing after a breakup


Unless you’re evil, in which case these 11 things people sometimes do after a breakup will be right up your alley.

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7 unconventionally awesome ways to deal with a breakup


Everyone knows the usual ways to deal with a breakup, but there are also some not-so-classic things you can do to kick the breakup blues, too.

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8 challenges every guy faces after a break-up


Like any situation that requires change, coming off a break up has its positives and negatives.


8 Challenges Every Bro Faces After a Break-Up


Maybe she didn’t like the gift you got her for Christmas or maybe she’s shipping off to study abroad and doesn’t want to do a long-term relationship.


5 Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her Feelings


85% of articles on the Internet about how to breakup with a girl are not truly honest.


5 Tips on How to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Before College Starts Back Up


If you’re going off to school for the first time or are returning as a senior, you most likely will want to start the year off solo.


An app that makes breaking up via text shamefully easy


We've always considered breaking up over text to be akin throwing people under the bus, a move reserved for cowards.

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BreakupText is the Breakup App Gutless People Have Been Craving


An app to help you break up with someone via text message, that's what BreakupText offers.

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5 things NOT to do if your girlfriend’s about to dump you


Breakups happen, and you should face them like a man, not an emo mess.

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15 Best Ways to Break Up


If you're going to break up, do it like a boss.

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