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8 Challenges Every Bro Faces After a Break-Up

Maybe she didn’t like the gift you got her for Christmas or maybe she’s shipping off to study abroad and doesn’t want to do a

5 Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her Feelings

85% of articles on the Internet about how to breakup with a girl are not truly honest. This one, however, is... 

5 Tips on How to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Before College Starts Back Up

If you’re going off to school for the first time or are returning as a senior, you most likely will want to start the year

BreakupText is the Breakup App Gutless People Have Been Craving

An app to help you break up with someone via text message, that's what BreakupText offers. Because not only are you living

Bro Awkwardly Pranks Random Girls By Breaking Up with Them After He Meets Them

Picking up girls is too easy. Plus, it's some other YouTube channel's schtick. So this Bro decided he'd just waltz right up to a bunch

15 Best Ways to Break Up

If you're going to break up, do it like a boss. Virgin Mobile knows how it's done.

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Breakups

This sums up just about every breakup I've ever had. Always come out of it looking like a huge, boatshoe-wearing dick. Thank god chicks can't

How to Break Up

I was going to wait to do this until tomorrow, but I’m well into my refractory period right now and, well, I just noticed a

Hooking Up While She’s on Her Period, the Best Way to Piss in a Urinal, and Other Odds and Ends

That time again. Submit your Ask a Bro questions here.

Q: Why Don’t Girls Wait Longer After a Break-Up to Find a New Bro to Bang?

Girlfriend Rebound

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