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Watch All Of ‘Breaking Bad’ In Only TWO HOURS With This Cinematic Recap

You've got time to kill, don't lie.

Watch Walt Jr. From ‘Breaking Bad’ Try And Guess What Kind Of Cereal He’s Eating While Blindfolded

"Breaking Breakfast."

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are Back Together And Really Creeping Out Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Back together ... at last?

Watch the First Teaser Trailer for ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-Off ‘Better Call Saul’

We're just about a month away from the one-year anniversary of Breaking Bad leaving our lives forever.

Watch ‘Breaking Bad’ Get The Steve Aoki Treatment In His New Video With MGK

Does anyone actually care about Machine Gun Kelly? Anyone? Hello?

Here’s a Tribute to Walter White That Will Give ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans the Chills

Breaking Bad ended last September.

Bryan Cranston Helps a Bro Ask a Girl to Prom as Walter White

In a way, I feel bad for the girl. That's not exactly a voice you can easily say "no" to.

Israeli Soccer Team Displays Awesome Walter White Banner


‘Breaking Bad’ IRL Alert: Meth Cook Busted Wearing a ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ Shirt

It’s a glorious day: Liberal Arts students can finally STFU about whether life imitates art or art imitates life. We’ve […]

Walter White Now Has a Facebook ‘Look Back’ Video

Breaking Bad is over, but it’s probably going to live on thanks to Internet mashups for some time. Can’t, quite […]

Aaron Paul Gives Us One Last ‘Yeah, Bitch’ for the Road

Breaking Bad is over, but its victory lap has just begun. The Hollywood Foreign Press, in its infinite wisdom, named the show best television drama.

6 Insane Bits of Foreshadowing in Famous TV Shows

If you read the lyrics to one song teased in the Breaking Bad finale, you would know everything that happened in the show. That's nuts.

Aaron Paul Repeatedly Calls Virginia Football Coach Mike London a Bitch

Virginia Tech graduate Mehul Sanghani donated $500 to an anti-bullying organization. In exchange, he got this video of Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul calling Virginia football

Bro Does Amazing Impressions of ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters

YouTuber Scheiffer Bates is killing it at the impression game these days. In his latest video, he does one of the best Stewie Griffin and Jesse

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Read the ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Script Together, Get Emotional

This video will likely disappear sooner rather than later, so I’ll keep it brief. This is perfect. And seeing the primaries so infatuated with the

David Blaine Performs Card Trick on Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, Changes Their Worlds Forever

Magician David Blaine has a special coming up on ABC in which he performs illusions for celebrities. This may not sound like compelling television to

Aaron Paul Posts Tremendous Picture of Bryan Cranston (as Walter White) on Instagram

Aaron Paul posted this pic to his Instagram (@glassofwhiskey) last night with the caption "I miss this man." Don't we all. (Also, it looks like the

‘Unspoiler’ Chrome Extension Will Stop Shows From Being Ruined

SPOILER ALERT: You don't need to worry about spoilers anymore.

Anthony Hopkins Wrote Bryan Cranston an Awesome Fan Letter

Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston have been praised by everyone currently breathing the Earth’s air. But none of the plaudits mean a damn. The only

Famous Movie and TV Scenes Recreated in GTA V

Some people play Grand Theft Auto V and see a video game. Cinema Sins saw their favorite movies (and TV shows). 

Something Tells Me This Tennis Announcer Has ‘Breaking Bad’ on His Mind

If you haven’t seen the end of Breaking Bad by now, allow me to spoil it for you: Walt Jr. can’t find a date to

A Philly Newscaster Just Broke Twitter with This Highly Controversial ‘Breaking Bad’ Tweet

It's hard to think anyone would ever "go there" comparing Breaking Bad  -- a fictional television show -- with real-life violence that directly impacts people's lives. One

An Obituary for Walter White Ran in the Albuquerque Journal Today

Breaking Bad filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico over the last six or so years, and while the town originally wasn't too thrilled with its "meth capital of

The 17 Best ‘Breaking Bad’ Episodes Ever

It’s been said over and over again since we first saw that pair of khakis ominously fall from the sky in the pilot. Breaking Bad

Whatever You Do, Do NOT Talk About the ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale to This Chemistry Professor

This poor, poor chemistry professor. All he wants to do is teach some chemistry a la pre-evil Mr. White and he's like, "YO KIDS, SAVE YOUR

Finally, The ‘Breaking Bad’ Video Game the World Desperately Needed

To mourn the loss of the Internet's favorite show of all time, our friends at College Humor developed a legit Breaking Bad-themed video game called "Wrecking Bad."

‘Breaking Bad’ Master Cook Vince Gilligan Talked Walter White With Stephen Colbert

Vince Gilligan has much less on his plate now that Breaking Bad has ended. He stayed busy yesterday by stopping in at The Colbert Report, where

Watch Bryan Cranston Gave Amazing Life Advice on Not Giving Up

Technically this is directed at aspiring actors, but everyone can take inspiration from what Mr. Walter White had to say at this year's Oscars. Good

Billionare Warren Buffett Had a Hilarious Reaction to ‘Breaking Bad’ Last Night

Warren Buffett has only tweeted four times since joining the social network in May. It's unclear why his output has been so limited—but he's old and

I Wish This Huell ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-off Was Real

The only lingering question I have about the Breaking Bad finale is "What the hell happened to Huell, Saul's bodyguard?" Is he still holed up in that safehouse?

How Perfect Was That ‘Breaking Bad’ Ending?

Chemistry, man. The study of change. If you're anything like me, you yelled the biggest "YEAAAHHHH BITCH!!!!" when it all went down. Thank you, Vince Gilligan,

The Official ‘Breaking Bad’ Drinking Game for the Series Finale

This evening millions around the world will tune-in to AMC to see how Walter White's Shakespearean meth-fueled tragedy will conclude. If ever there was a reason for

Play This ‘Breaking Bad’ Death Pool Pick ‘Em with Your Friends Tonight

The most important thing going on today is without a doubt the series finale of Breaking Bad. HOW WILL IT ALL END?!?!?!?! Forunately, there's a brillant

Here’s a Video That Proves ‘Breaking Bad’ Did Once Have a Lighter Side

No matter what happens on Sunday, we'll always have Jesse in a blow-up suit.

What Would ‘Breaking Bad’ Be Like If It Were a Laugh-Track Sitcom?

When you add a sitcome-esque laughtrack into the mix, a serious drama has never been so awkward. 

This Insane Fan Breakdown of a ‘Breaking Bad’ Scene Is Hilarious

Love this Redditor's analysis. Clearly this is a joke making fun of the Internet's habit of dissecting the smallest minutiae in Breaking Bad into  "what does

Aaron Paul’s New ‘Need For Speed’ Trailer Is Awful

Want to watch a remarkably good character actor completely devalue his career by starring in an action movie devoid of nuance, depth or interest? Yea, me

Homeless Man Does Amazing ‘Breaking Bad’ Impressions for Food

OK, this video seems like a pretty obvious fake viral stunt, but it's worth it for a bearded shirtless dude giving amazing Breaking Bad impressions. According to

20 Ways ‘Breaking Bad’ Is Like Greek Life

#5: Some days you'll wonder where your pants went. 

The Entire Cast of ‘Breaking Bad’ Was On Conan O’Brien Last Night

For fans of Breaking Bad, this work week is torture. With only the finale to go, we desperately want it to be Sunday, when the curtain will