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6 Health Reasons You Should Skip Breakfast

If you’re committed to health and fitness, you probably take breakfast pretty seriously. You wake up early each day, shuffle […]

Your Life Is a Lie; All Fruit Loops Colors Taste the Same

Today in devastating news from Time Magazine's Department of Shitting on Everything You Hold Near and Dear: Every flavor of Fruit Loops taste the same. 

The Worst Hangover Breakfast Ever

Everything hurts. Your head pounds, rattling erratically and aggressively like a moon bounce that’s full of fat women and dogs (for some reason). True to

What Breakfast Foods Taste the Best On the Grill?

This is important for future reference. The twisted geniuses at Buzzfeed put nine popular breakfast foods on the grill. Guess which one tasted the best?

The 25 Best College Hangover Breakfast Spots in the Country

There aren't many things Bros love more than a hungover meal that hits the spot. With this in mind, we decided to embark on a

Why Doesn’t This Rap Tribute to Cinnamon Toast Crunch Have a Million Hits on YouTube?

If Mac Lethal's rap about flipping pancakes can get 24 million views on YouTube, what's holding back this rap tribute to Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the greatest

EXCLUSIVE: Watch Chiddy Bang’s New Music Video for ‘Mind Your Manners’

This morning Chiddy Bang dropped the music video for "Mind Your Manners," the first single off the album "Breakfast." Chiddy Bang was in SoCal recently

Gift Guide Sneak Peek: Help Your Girlfriend Make You the Perfect Egg Muffins at Home

Our gift guide is coming out tomorrow but an old friend of the site, known to some as Maslow, just sent me what egg lovers