Watch This Guy Breakdance With Fireworks Attached To His Feet And Somehow Magically NOT Blow Himself Up


If you’ve ever sat down and tried to think of and then implement the most dangerous yet Youtube-worthy stunt to do, you’ve obviously failed because you never came up with the idea of attaching fireworks to your feet.


Iranian Breakdancing Video from 1991 is a Real Delight


Oh, now THIS is how you jumpstart a morning.

Game shows

Watch a Dude KILL a Break Dance on ‘Family Feud’


Hey look, it's a Family Feud moment not completely ruined by Steve Harvey mugging for the camera.

white guy break dancing

White guy breakdancing on ‘Family Feud’


Family Feud actively attempts to illicit YouTube-worthy content, but I doubt they expected it to come from a white guy in a shirt and tie breakdancing during his introduction.


8-Year-Old Breakdancer Destroys Older Guy


I'm going to go out on a far limb and say that most of our readers have not had a large amount of experience break-dancing.

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