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6 Rules You Must Follow on Social Media After a Break Up

Once you look back, you realize it was over before it started.

Little Girl Writes the Cutest Break Up Note You’ll Ever Read

Awwww... Poor guy. Sorry you just got your heart broken, Bro. But she has a point.

Things You Go Through After Being Dumped

Brotip #702: After a break-up, you're allowed two days of moping before you swagg up and get back out there.

5 Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her Feelings

85% of articles on the Internet about how to breakup with a girl are not truly honest. This one, however, is... 

Rory McIlroy Allegedly Dumped Caroline Wozniacki Over This Photo

Shitting me, you've got to be.

Bruce Jenner Said ‘F*ck This Sh*t’ About the Kardashians, Moves Out

This is maybe the most Bro thing Bruce Jenner has ever done... 

The Worst Breakup Advice Ever

"Hey! At least you didn't get married!" 

Girl Leaves List of Reasons for ‘Why I’m Dumping You’

This list has been all over the Internet the last few days and we're finally getting around to posting it. Apologies if you saw it

This Break-Up Letter Is Amazingly and Frighteningly Devious

Can you see it? Can you see the passive-aggressive rage? She even uses hearts as bullet points! This is incredible.

Guy Refuses to Kiss His Girl on a Minor League Baseball Kiss-Cam, She Dumps Soda on Him and Leaves

Thank GAWD for bitches who be triflin' because this is without a doubt the best thing that's ever happened on any kiss-cam ever. Although I

‘I Don’t Even Care, Bro’: How Dudes Handle Break Ups

We all know this guy. The fake hard-ass who breaks up with his girlfriend, talks and talks and talks about how much living he's going

Is My Girlfriend Cheating On Me With the ‘Friend’ She Texts Everyday? Plus Bathroom Etiquette 101

I apologize for whiffing on this column last week -- got busy and shit -- and I promise, hand to God, that it won't happen

10 Signs You Need to Drop Your Girlfriend

A lot of you out there at some point will decide it's cool to turn your dick over to a girl and stick to monogamy.