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Badass Buddhist Monks Break Dance In NYC to the Beastie Boys

This past Saturday a group of Buddhist monks gathered in New York City's Union Square for MCA Day, a celebration of the Beastie Boy's Adam

The Breakdancing Mountain Man Is Back with a Pop-and-Locking Masterpiece

Remember John Griffith, the California Conservation Corps mountain man who schooled his employees in a dance-off a few weeks ago? You must be new to

Even In an Intense Dance-Off, Eminem Shows Zero Emotion

Strange behind the scenes look here at Em's entourage having fun. Except that "having fun" for Eminem doesn't include the usual physical expressions of joy.

Video: Break Dancing Against All Odds

Let's face it, break dancing with a full set of limbs lost its luster in the 1980s. Yet, I still find myself walking past clowns