Hot Brazilian Girls Playing Twister Once Again Shows Why TV Is So Much Better Everywhere Else


I have long said that television is so much better in countries other than the United States.


Firefighter Saves Suicide Jumper’s Life With An Epic Dropkick To The Chest


A woman in Fortaleza, Brazil was on the verge of making life's most selfish decision, and taking her own life.


Former Brazil Soccer Star Sold His World Cup Medal To Buy Cocaine


Former Brazil soccer star Paulo Cesar has admitted to selling his 1970 World Cup Medal to buy cocaine.

instant karma

Road Raging Biker Gets Instant Karma When He Tries To Kick A Car

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A man on a motorbike and someone in a white car were playing some game of "fuck you, no fuck you" on a road in Brazil when our good buddy Instant Karma decided he'd had enough of these shenanigans.


This Soccer Team Devised The Most Brilliant Plan To Keep Hooligans In Check: Hire Their Moms As Security


Plagued with violence amongst the hooligan fans, Sport Club do Recife rolled out an innovated scheme to cut down on incidents: hire the mothers of the hooligans to run security during the matches at Arena Pernambuco.

hot police

Massive Jailbreak In Brazil After Sexy Women Dressed As Cops Show Up And Demand An Orgy


Twenty-eight inmates escaped from a Brazilian jail thanks to a diabolical plan.

weird news

Miss Bumbum Winner Goes Under The Knife To Restore Her Virginity And She Wants To Show The World The Results


Earlier this year, Indianara Carvalho, 22, took homeBrazil's biggest booty prize -- she was crowned Miss Bumbum 2014 at the annual but contest.


Bro Gets Boner At WORST Possible Time, Gets It Stuck In Closing Subway Doors


This is one of those videos where after watching it you're pretty sure it was all staged, but you don't care because it was hilariously absurd.


Brazilian Goalkeeper Scores Freak Own Goal, Proves Hustle Is Overrated


There were other sporting events on television yesterday, so you likely missed all the hot action between Boa Esporte and Avai in Brazil's second-tier league.

World Cup 2014

Angry Brazil fan videobombs broadcast with ‘suck my dick Germany’


There's a chance this is fake and there's a chance I laughed for 15 straight minutes.

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