Brazilian Goalkeeper Scores Freak Own Goal, Proves Hustle Is Overrated


There were other sporting events on television yesterday, so you likely missed all the hot action between Boa Esporte and Avai in Brazil's second-tier league.

World Cup 2014

Angry Brazil fan videobombs broadcast with ‘suck my dick Germany’


There's a chance this is fake and there's a chance I laughed for 15 straight minutes.

sultans of swing cover

‘Sultans of Swing’ cover by Brazilian street performer is absotutalutely incredible


Is this Brazilian street performer's cover of 'Sultans of Swing' supposed to soften the pain of yesterday's World Cup massacre.

Pornhub Katie

Pornhub steals the show with gang-bang tweet during Brazil-Germany game


The jokes were flying, the takes were sizzling, the memes came fast and furious.

world cup blow out

The Brazil vs. Germany game in a nutshell


It seems the folks over at Bayern are a bunch of soothsayers, as this video that was released yesterday PERFECTLY summarizes this game thus far.

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