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Brazilians Are Fucking Insane and This Video of Them Catching Piranhas Proves It


Germany Celebrated Winning the World Cup by Hanging With Rihanna

Goals and cleats excite her.

Someone Erased All The Brazil Players Out Of The Brazil V. Germany World Cup Match…And The Game Plays The Same

Just adding some insult to injury over here.

Brazilian Captain David Luiz Wept Through His Entire Post-Match Interview

And here come the waterworks.

Here’s All Five Of Germany’s First-Half Goals In A Six Second Video

Sucks to suck.

Germany Refuses to Stop Murdering Brazil and It’s Ugly

Sweet mother of God.

Thomas Müller Scored for Germany Because Brazil Left Him Wide Open

Bad defense.

Argentine Fans Celebrate Neymar’s Injury With a Replica of His Spine, Are Really Weird

Dick move, Bros.

Top FIFA Official Shocked at the Amount of Drunkenness at the World Cup


Chilean Fans Stormed the Media Center, Created All Kinds of Chaos in a Rush to Get Into Match Against Spain

In a big rush.

Magnificent American Stephen Colbert Celebrated Our Soccer Victory in Style

U-S-A U-S-A!

Neymar, The Most Beloved Player at the World Cup, Risks It All By Frosting His Tips


Algerian Fan Wearing Fez Goes Absolutely Bananas

Wild man.

Brazil Opened Up the World Cup With a Terrible Own Goal


World Cup Preview and Best Bets – Groups C & D

More soccer.

Beats By Dre Created the World Cup Commercial to End All World Cup Commercials

Start the games already.

Neymar’s Backheel Assist Will Make You Wonder Why Humans Even Need Toes

Back and to the left.

A Bro Took a Selfie on Top of Rio’s Christ the Redeemer Statue

Sacrilegious, maybe. Viral content? Definitely.

Wingsuit Flyer With Balls of Steel Fly Past Rio de Janerio’s Christ the Redeemer Statue

Rio de Janerio’s Christ the Redeemer statue is one of the most iconic monuments in the Western Hemisphere. Perched high above the […]

Watch Marshawn Lynch Absolutely Level a Little Brazilian Kid With a Forearm Shot

Marshawn Lynch went down to Brazil this weekend to teach a football camp. It looks like he imported a little […]

Brazil Soccer Fans Brawl So Hard, Police Forced to Start Shooting Them With Rubber Bullets

Crucial note to self: Do not go to Brazil to attend your first summer Olympics...In fact, add Brazil to the list of countries to just avoid

Dai Macedo Wins Brazil’s Miss Bum Bum Title, Has Amazing Ass

For 364 days out of the year, we slog through life without purpose. But on one day—one glorious day a year—we devote all our attention

Brazilian Model Who Had Sex with Justin Bieber Says He’s ‘Very Good In Bed’ and ‘Well-Endowed’

In life, most of us mere mortals who chose not to sign a dotted line with The Devil only get 15 minutes of fame. For Brazilian

Watch an Audi 8 Race Two Street Bikes at 180 MPH

Just a casual afternoon drive, pushing 180 MPH on the highways of Rio de Janeiro. 

This Robbery Attempt in Brazil Didn’t Go As Planned

Criminal enterprise presents a double-edged sword. Like, if you’re good at crime, that’s not really something to take a lot of pride in. And if

Lady Ref Takes Soccer Ball to the Face Like a Champ

Such misogyny.

Some Dude Ran Onto the Pitch to Kiss Fred’s Feet

If you watched the Confederations Cup, you saw a dude named Fred dominate for Brazil. Like all good soccer players, he requires but a singular

Brazilian Singer MC Daleste Murdered During Concert as Cameras Roll

What is going on in Brazil? First, there was the brutal double-murder during an amateur soccer game, which was nightmarish enough to spawn terrible dreams

Why I’m Not Going to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Editor's Note: In case you haven't glimpsed at a newspaper in the last few days, Brazil was practically shut down over the weekend from massive crowds

Brazilian Skateboard Hottie Leticia Bufoni Drops Another F-Bomb During X-Games Interview

People could not help themselves from dropping F-bombs on live television this weekend. David Ortiz did it. Rookie anchor A.J. Clemente did it. Brazilian skateboarder

Mario Balotelli Scores a Fantastic Goal That Won’t Affect Your Bracket

Unbeknownst to me, there were other sporting events going on yesterday that weren’t part of March Madness.

Catarina Migliorini Sells Virginity for $780,000, the Male Virgin Gets Three Grand

Hear the one about the Brazilian girl who auctioned off her virginity?

So… Paris Hilton’s First DJ Performance Happened

Get ready for a loud, audible groan: Last night Paris Hilton made her DJ world premiere at the POP festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. If

You Won’t Believe What Lionel Messi Did Now

Lionel Messi is a once-in-a-generation player who can do things no one else can. So it’s no surprise that on a day that saw a

Giovanni Dos Santos Scores Impossible Goal for Mexico

Mexico and Brazil got together for a friendly at Jerry Jones’ football cathedral yesterday and Giovanni Dos Santos singlehandedly changed everything we thought we knew

Herculez Gomez Shows Off His Strength With Goal Against Brazil

The United States predictably got dismantled by Brazil, 4-1, last night at FedEx Field in our nation’s capital. Jurgen Klinsmann will have to wait for

Jetman Flies Over Rio de Janeiro, Elicits Jealousy

They call Yves Rossy the Jetman. It’s not very creative, but it’s extremely apropos because he flies around like a jet. Here he

Brazilian Soccer Player Arrested After Vicious On-Field Assault of Referee

Things in this Brazilian soccer match got out of hand when the referee tried to give a player his second yellow card. Perhaps

10 Sexy Photos of Monica Apor in Maxim Brazil

Monica Apor is many things, I'm sure of it. Sadly, I can't really drudge much up about her life at the present moment. But I

Remembering Arnold’s Antics: The Impregnator Goes to Booty-Shaking Bonanza in Brazil!

Back in late March, my man Vince at Film Drunk unearthed this nearly three decade-old gem of Arnold Schwarzenegger checking out the scene at Carnival