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This is the Wildest Baseball Brawl We’ve Seen in a Long Time

We got a brawl!

Brawl in A Greek Restaurant Gets Extra Insane When People Start Using Chairs and Tables


Bench-Clearing Go Kart Brawl Is Ignited In the Best Way Possible

Flipping is racing.

Hockey Skate-Ruining Concrete Wasn’t Enough to Prevent These Two AHL Players from Brawling after Being Ejected

Hockey players are nuts.

Get a Load of this Frat Brawl at West Virginia Between Pike, TKE and Sig Chi (UPDATE)

These dudes frat like no one has ever fratted before.

Utah Valley Students Storm Court, Fight With New Mexico State Players

Easy, fellas.

Insane Cuban Baseball Brawl Featured a Guy Swinging a Bat at Another Guy’s Head

This is more of an attempted murder than a baseball brawl. Sweet mother of God. The fracas took place last […]

Now THIS Is a Minor League Hockey Brawl

This brawl, from yesterday’s Portland Pirates-Adirondack Phantoms game, has everything you want in a minor league hockey fight. It comes […]

Well, This Hockey Brawl Started About as Fast as a Hockey Brawl Could Possibly Start

Is "as the puck is being dropped" quick enough for you?

1,000 Person Brawl Breaks Out at Fraternity Charity Drive

The brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi at Cal State Long Beach held their 16th annual Kappa Khristmas Jam & Toy Drive. But instead of giving gifts,

Post ASU Kick to the Face Video Has Emerged and It Is BEDLAM

What, you think you could just kick someone in the face and get away with it? This old guy isn't Guile from Street Fighter. 

This is One HELL of a Brawl at the Red Sox’s Championship Parade

Remember when we all pretended that Boston was a town of decent, hard-working folks, people whose strength and unity alllowed them to overcome terrible tragedy? 

Jose Fernandez’s First Home Run Cleared the Benches

Miami Marlins pitching phenom Jose Fernandez blasted his first career home run last night against Atlanta. He acted like someone who had just hit his

High School Football Player Savagely Attacks Player With Helmet

These antics make Friday Night Lights and any other dramatized importance of high school football look like child’s play. This kid is royally fucked.

Bryce Harper Got Hit With a Pitch, Boiled Over With Rage

Bryce Harper took extreme exception to being plunked by Atlanta’s Julio Teheran last night and he let everyone know about it.

Here Are Two Hotties Brawling at the US Open of Surfing

There are actual Jerry Springer chants in this video. That is still a thing.

Watch a Canadian Badminton Brawl. Yep, Badminton Brawl.

Badminton has always and will likely never cease being a relative joke compared to most sports. However, as everyone who took a high school gym

Mexican Soccer Teams Brawl in Las Vegas to Celebrate America’s Independence

Club America and Guadalajara participated in a soccer friendly in Las Vegas on Wednesday. It was far from friendly.

Arizona Diamondbacks, Los Angeles Dodgers Have an All-Out Brawl

Last night’s Los Angeles Dodgers-Arizona Diamonbacks game got a little out of hand. There were five hit batsmen and two bench-clearing brawls. So, yeah, not

Carlos Quentin Charges Mound, Breaks Zack Greinke’s Collarbone in All-Out Brawl

An all-out brawl broke out in last night’s San Diego Padres-Los Angeles Dodgers game after Carlos Quentin was hit by a Zack Greinke pitch. It

Don’t Splash Me, Bro: Spring Break Brawl Erupts After Bros Splash Each Other With Water

In the annals of history this is bound to go down as one of the lamest ways to start a fight ever. I guess this

Chinese Basketball Fans Savagely Attack Ref

Don’t fuck up in China. The crowds are ruthless.

Crazy Fan Brawl Breaks Out in Stands At the Pro Bowl, Players on Sideline Ignore Game to Watch

The players may take off plays and give less-than their all during the Pro Bowl, but the fans apparently don't. Watch as players on the

Women Brawl at Social Services Office Because Why Not?

When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing left to lose. Might as well let it all hang out.

Watch a Wild Hockey Brawl That Featured 13 Ejections

If you don’t appreciate a good hockey brawl, you don’t deserve to call yourself a North American.

Here’s a Delightful Junior League Hockey Brawl to Enjoy

I could tell you the names of the teams or give you more context, but all you really need to know is that Miley Cyrus’

Shockingly Enough, The Raiders-Chiefs Game Featured a Savage Fan Fight

Yesterday’s Oakland Raiders-Kansas City Chiefs game featured a grand total of zero touchdowns and five field goals. Neither team is any good and everyone knows

Victoria’s Secret Shoppers Lose Their Sh*t on Black Friday

These women couldn’t wait to get their grubby little paws on some lingerie. I totally know the feeling.

Start Your Day With This Video of a Cop Fighting a Clown

This is not something that took place at a professional wrestling match. This is something that took place on a street corner in Milwaukee. Both

Las Vegas Street Brawl Caught in Stunning HD

I love the fact that the signage they are fighting in front of says "An Escalating Experience: Coming in 2013." Looks like these cats couldn't

Here’s a Particularly Lovely Hockey Goalie Fight to Jump-Start Your Work Week

There are few things that can bring our nation together like goalie fights in hockey. Hell, it’s what this country needs in the wake of

Watch This Insane NASCAR Brawl Between Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer, and Their Pit Crews

Man does this look ugly. 

17-Stripper Brawl With Flying Shoes Costs Man Use of His Eye

Oh, the humanity.

Here’s Your Soccer Fan Violence Video of the Day

It’s no secret that violence goes hand-in-hand with soccer. But it doesn’t make videos like this any less disturbing.

Violent Youth Football League Brawl Ends with Coach Smacking Ref to the Ground

Apparently they'll let anyone coach a youth football team in West Park, Florida, including a 43-year old man who's criminal record includes aggravated assault, assault with

‘When Ghetto Football Games Go Bad’ Brawl Shows How Not to Be a Role Model

It's rather nice when a title writes itself. But when Sacramento youth football coaches get a little bit too angry? Less nice. 

The Biggest Brawls in Sports History, a UK Fan Curb-Stomp, and More Midweek Sports Links

Here's some choice sports news and entertainment from our friends to help you inch ever-so closer to that upcoming weekend: 

Austin 6th Street Brawl Ends In One Bro Being Knocked Out and Another Voluntarily Topless

Just once -- that's all I'm asking for -- I'd like a video to come through in which someone f*cking cold-cocks an idiot right while

Watch Some Little League Dads Have a Major-League Brawl

Every Little League dad in Georgia is a barrel-chested troublemaker. That’s what I learned from this video.

Battle by the Bay: San Francisco Giants-Oakland A’s Fan Fight

When crosstown rivals square off in interleague play, you can bet your sweet ass there will be some donnybrooks in the stands.