This Insane Australian Brawl Featured Flying Chairs And A Guy Almost Killed By A Food Tray


Hungry Jack's is a restaurant chain that is very popular in Australia.

red lobster brawl

Nothing Says ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ Like An All-Out Brawl At Red Lobster


I honored my mother this Mother's Day by sending her flowers with a heartfelt card.

detroit tigers

Detroit Tigers Fan Engage In Wild Brawl And The Video’s Production Value Is Laughably Bad


  Monday was opening day for the Detroit Tigers and while the baseball team provided entertainment for fans inside the stadium there was plenty of excitement outside as well with fans brawling each other.

texas baylor fight

Fight Breaks Out in Baylor-Texas Game, 7 Players Ejected


Tensions between Baylor and Texas boiled over late in overtime when Isiah Taylor and Royce O'Neale got all tangled up while battling for a loose ball.


Black Wolves Enforcer Uppercuts The Living Shit Out Of Rochester Forward In LAX Fight For The Ages

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Because I've never heard of Bill O'Brien, the New England Black Wolves, or Rochester's Stephen Keogh, I'm just going to assume this fight took place during the LAX Super Bowl.


Youth Football Referee Wins $275K Settlement After Being Attacked By Irate Coaches And Parents During Game


It's always enjoyable when your hometown's in the news, even if it's for something as outrageous as a youth football referee being awarded a $275,000 settlement after he was tackled and thrown to the ground, fracturing his shoulder.


Traffic Level Russia: Tiny Fender Bender Leads To All Out Brawl


Here we see a typical Russian traffic accident.


BMX Rider Brawls With Security Guards, Loses, Sucker Punches A Guard

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The (supposed) backstory here is that the BMX riders went to the mall, were told they couldn't have their bikes and were asked to leave, then the security guards got to the pushing.

Tony Parker

Site of Dreezygate Suing Drake, Chris Brown for Starting Brawl


It wasn't too long ago that Drake and Chris Brown made some hard muthaf*cking waves by getting into a Soc vs.


Violence Without Borders: Fan Fight at El Salvador-Honduras Match is Bloody


Honduras and El Salvador played a friendly in Washington, D.


Romanians Show They Can Have a Soccer Brawl Too


When Romanian soccer clubs CFR Cluj and Universitatea meet, you throw out the records.

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