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New York City Gets the W: One Man Army Takes on a Crew of Basic Bros in Street Fight

"If you ain't from New York City, don't pretend like you are."

Chivalry Not Dead: Drunk Dude Gets Stomped Out After Pushing a Girl

These guys are true gentlemen.

Ukrainian Parliament Erupts Into All-Out Brawl

The Ukraine is not weak. The Ukraine is strong.

Site of Dreezygate Suing Drake, Chris Brown for Starting Brawl

It wasn't too long ago that Drake and Chris Brown made some hard muthaf*cking waves by getting into a Soc vs. Greasers type rumble at

Watch This British Ice Cream Truck Death Match

2012's version of Hamilton vs. Burr. Considering the general dissapointment that surrounded last night's Bradley/Pacquaio fight, this oughta lift your spirits. Lawless streetfighting at its

Violence Without Borders: Fan Fight at El Salvador-Honduras Match is Bloody

Honduras and El Salvador played a friendly in Washington, D.C. over the weekend, but the crowd was anything but cordial. Here’s some over-served patrons getting

Romanians Show They Can Have a Soccer Brawl Too

When Romanian soccer clubs CFR Cluj and Universitatea meet, you throw out the records. Anything can happen when those rivals butt heads. And

‘Guy With Beard’ Ignites High School Baseball Brawl

The Major Leaguers kick off their season on American soil tonight. To get you amped, here’s a high school baseball brawl featuring several

Today’s Flyers-Penguins Brawl Featured a Hulk Hogan Impersonator

The final minute of today’s Pittsburgh Penguins-Philadelphia Flyers game saw a giant free-for-all erupt. After Joe Vitale clocked Danny Briere with a devastating open-ice hit,

This Is How You Join a Fight

This starts out like every other throwdown. A couple of guys are beating on each other in some sort of muddy quagmire next to a

Goaltender Fight Highlights Massive Minor League Hockey Brawl

A massive brawl erupted during the Sioux City-Sioux Falls hockey game Saturday night, much to the delight of the blood-thirsty announcing crew covering

Soccer Team Adds Player Who Just Started Vicious Brawl Against Them

This soccer fight is not too different from many we've seen previously. Michel Platini gets taken down with a haphazard tackle from Laurentiu

5 Professional Lacrosse Players Charged After Brawl In Minnesota Restaurant

Five members of the Rochester Knighthawks are charged in connection with a brawl at a Minnesota restaurant.

Riot Breaks Out After Boxing Match in Argentina, Folding Chairs Fly

Things turned ugly after a boxing match in Buenos Aires, Argentina this weekend. And by ugly, I mean that everyone in the place

Girls Brawl at the Giants Victory Parade

Aside from the girl in the red about to hurl a textbook "close the barndoor" punch, in that photo above, I have no

Here’s a Video of a Colorado Backyard Brawl That Someone Sent Us

Bonus points for the superior productions quality! Boom, down he goes at the 2:15 mark. Remember, send us your funny pics, videos, e-mail

Who Wants to Watch a Girl-Vs.-Girl Powder Puff Football Brawl?

Via Guyism comes the must-watch sports fight video of the afternoon. Details from the Wayzata 2011 Powder Puff game are kinda scant, but

Georgetown Hoyas Get Into a Brawl in China

So Georgetown went over to China to play in an exhibition game so as to expand international interest of the game but there wasn't much