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Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler Just Bro’ed Out So Hard With This Hug

Count Brandon Marshall as someone who is happy Jay Cutler is back. 

The Bears’ Brandon Marshall Had the Block of the Year Last Night

The Chicago Bears worked the Dallas Cowboys in just about every way possible last night, winning 45-28.

NFL Won’t Let Brandon Marshall Wear Green Cleats For Mental Health Awareness Week

This is hypocrisy at its finest. The NFL has denied Brandon Marshall's request to wear green cleats tonight in honor of "Mental Health Awareness Week."

Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall Says NFL Players Have a Hard-On for Viagra

In the wake of a recent influx of Adderall-related suspensions, players all around the NFL are being asked about the current over-the-counter drug culture around

Brandon Marshall Called Quarterback Chad Henne the ‘White Vick’

And there you have it. A definitive end to the "What if Michael Vick Were White?" discussion ESPN opened a few weeks ago. Thank God

Trailer For “Borderline Beast,’ A Film About Brandon Marshall’s Borderline Personality Disorder

Back in April, Brandon Marshall got into a heated dispute with his wife. That resulted in a stab wound for the Dolphin's star receiver and