Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall Incredible One-Handed Touchdown Catch VS 49ers


Right before halftime of NBC's Sunday night game Brandon Marshall made a spectacular one-handed catch off a Jay Cutler pass.


Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler Just Bro’ed Out So Hard With This Hug


Count Brandon Marshall as someone who is happy Jay Cutler is back.


The Bears’ Brandon Marshall Had the Block of the Year Last Night


The Chicago Bears worked the Dallas Cowboys in just about every way possible last night, winning 45-28.


Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall Says NFL Players Have a Hard-On for Viagra


In the wake of a recent influx of Adderall-related suspensions, players all around the NFL are being asked about the current over-the-counter drug culture around the circuit.

Warren Sapp retard

Brandon Marshall and Warren Sapp are about to brawl


Alex: "This rotund former Tampa Bay Buc works for the NFL Network and routinely sticks his foot in his mouth.

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