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Girl Makes Out With Stranger For The Kiss-Cam After Her Boyfriend Refuses To Kiss Her

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This is easily some of the best kiss-cam theatrics I've ever witnessed.


Things Boyfriends Do That Secretly Annoy Their Girlfriends


Too bad they didn't put "Google Mia Khalifa videos infront of her to see if she's put anything else out yet.


If You’re Jewish And Want A Girlfriend, This Sorority Girl On Craigslist Is Looking For You


Last month we brought you the NYC girls who were looking for post-grad fratstar boyfriends on Craigslist, but that's old news.


‘Boyfriend Tracker’ Is the Terrifying App That Is Now, Thankfully, Banned


A Brazilian app that women use to monitor their boyfriend's texts and movements has been banned from the Google Play app store after men complained that it constitutes an invasion of privacy, and even may—this is a shocker—be used as a tool for stalking.


The Difference Between Men and Women, as Explained by Google


[inline:boyfriend] Stories about Google searches auto-suggestions pop up all the time; this one is one of our favorites.

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