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Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like to Use a Woman’s Tits as a Speed Bag? This Boxer Did It!

The Internet!

What Happens When an Internet Troll Fights a Professional Boxer?

A delightful comeuppance.

Floyd Mayweather Had a Real F*cking Circus Lead Him Into the Ring Last Night

Flanked by Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, and various jugglers and acrobats, Floyd Mayweather took the ring last night.

DMX and George Zimmerman Have Agreed to Fight Each Other, Any Face-Peeing Will Still Be Done Without Consent

This is not a gag. What it is, however, is GREAT NEWS. According to TMZ, DMX and George Zimmerman have actually […]

Best GIF You’ll See Today Is Muhammad Ali Dodging 21 Punches In 10 Seconds

This GIF has been making the rounds today in the sports blog world. Like listening to The White Album or watching The Godfather, every once in a while

An Amazing Compilation Of Mike Tyson’s Best Knockouts

It's kind of amazing that youngsters of a certain age probably don't even remember Mike Tyson for his boxing career. Rather, they know him as "that

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Flips Out About Botched Coffee Order

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an eccentric guy so it shouldn’t surprise you that he turned a small inconvenience into an international incident. Watch as he

Floyd Mayweather Has $123 Million in One Bank Account, Because Floyd Mayweather Is Insane

Floyd "Money" Mayweather has a lot of money. We would know that he has a lot of money even if he didn't flaunt his wealth

Mike Tyson Reveals That He’s a ‘Vicious Alcoholic’

At a press conference following his promotional debut on Friday Night Fights, Mike Tyson told an assembled crowd of media members and bystanders that he is

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield Talk, Laugh About That Time Tyson Bit Holyfield’s Ear Off

For anyone who remembers the infamous ear-biting match at Madison Square Garden in 1997, this video is amazing. Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson f*cking hated

Boxer Encourages Opponent to Knock Him Out, Opponent Promptly Obliges

Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.

Live Near NYC? We’re Giving Away Two Pairs of Free Tickets to Saturday Night’s Boxing Match at MSG

Hey boxing fans living near New York City, we've got free tickets to a World Title Triple header! The Theater at Madison Square Garden will

Here’s Steve-O Telling an Amazing Story of Getting His Broken Nose Fixed by Mike Tyson

If you haven't had a chance to see the new TruTV show "Killer Karaoke," I highly recommend watching an episode. It'll simultaneously make you hate

Watch Juan Manuel Marquez Knock Out Manny Pacquiao

Down goes Pacquiao! Down goes Pacquiao!

Woman Claiming to Be Hector Camacho’s Lover Kisses Corpse at Wake, All Hell Breaks Loose

Where is this footage? We need this footage.

Boxing Champion Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho in Critical Condition After Being Shot

Sad news out of Puerto Rico this morning.

This Tribute to Muhammad Ali Gives Me Chills

If I could come back in the next life to witness any sporting event, I really think it'd be Ali and Frazier at the Garden in

Hilarious Boxing Coach Calls His Wall Street Clients ‘Nerd Pieces of Sh*t Miscreants’ to Their Faces

Eric Kelly is a former boxing phenom  (Two-Time NYC Gold Gloves Champion, four-time National Amateur Boxing champion, etc) but a street fight and a pool

What the Hell Did Mike Tyson Do Last Night?

Mike Tyson has been gone from the most ferocious boxer on the face of the earth to, well, this guy. Here he is

Blindfolded Drunk Bro Asks Friend to Punch Him in the Face, Gets Knocked Out

Just found this video posted in the Brommunity and, well...Christ! Beautiful stupidity is what it is. And it's all for us to enjoy.

So Mike Tyson is Getting His Own One-Man Show in Vegas

When you think of amazing Las Vegas shows, you have your Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil, Chris Angel, and Penn and Teller. Well add one

Riot Breaks Out After Boxing Match in Argentina, Folding Chairs Fly

Things turned ugly after a boxing match in Buenos Aires, Argentina this weekend. And by ugly, I mean that everyone in the place

RIP: Watch Joe Frazier Beat Muhammad Ali During ‘The Fight of the Century’

One of the most devastating left hooks in boxing history passed away on Monday in Philadelphia at the age of 67. The legendary

Kimbo Slice’s Second Fight Ended In Another One-Punch Knockout

Kimbo Slice is getting older and he's got no time for all that ground and pound sh*t the MMA had. He just wants

Watch a University Of Maryland Student KO a Fellow Terp During a Dorm Room Bare Knuckle Boxing Bout

Lights out!

Victor Ortiz Was Once on the Delivering End of a Blatant Sucker Punch

Where the f*ck was Larry Merchant to scream bloody murder when this happened? It looks like Ortiz is trying to be disqualified here.

Mayweather vs. Ortiz: What The Hell Just Happened?

Saturday night’s fight between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz was 30 minutes of entertainment that could easily have been something Vince McMahon drew up for

Watch Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Floyd Mayweather Sr. Nearly Come to Blows On HBO’s 24/7

Man, right about now we're really, really missing "Hard Knocks." With Week One only two weeks away, there's a deep, unfulfilled chasm in

Start Your Week With Kimbo Slice’s 10-Second Knockout in his Boxing Debut

I understand why Kimbo tried MMA -- he had a better chance of killing someone without thick gloves on -- but he never had the

Brutal Executions Planned for Saturday’s Haye vs. Klitschko Fight

Boxing used to be a vicious sport in and out of the ring. The sport is known for brutal beatings in the squared circle, but

MMA Dude Gets Laid Out with a Solid ‘G6 Haymaker’

I'm not a big enough MMA fan to realize the difference is between a G6 haymaker and a G5 haymaker, but all I can tell

Five Ways to Fix the Sport of Boxing

This past Saturday marked a momentous occasion in boxing when 46-year-old Bernard Hopkins defeated Jean Pascal to become the oldest boxer to ever win a

Fight Preview: Pacquiao’s Easy Night Won’t Be So Sweet for Mosley

In November 2007 I flew to New York to watch Shane Mosley fall just short to Miguel Cotto in an exciting and competitive back-and-forth title

Video: Bernard Hopkins Owns Jean Pascal on ‘Face Off’

Last night, with Max Kellerman acting as mediator/sit-in-douche, Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascel faced-off in a bout of trash talking to hype their May 21

Check Out This Fraternity House Boxing Knockout

Ahh... Late night boxing matches with novelty, pillow-padded boxing gloves. Brings back memories. Our friends at Perez Solomon passed along this epic knock-out from a

Former Boxer Mike Tyson and Movie Star Sylvester Stallone Voted into the Boxing Hall of Fame

    ESPN is reporting that two people who brought my childhood great joy have just been voted into the Boxing Hall of Fame: Mike Tyson

VIDEO: Sergio Martinez Delivers the ‘Knockout Punch of the Year’ on Paul Williams

There's no way we could ignore the chatter in the Brommunity about last night's middleweight fight in Atlantic City. If you tuned in, you know