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Bro Bowls a Strike From the Front Door of a Bowling Alley. No, Really.

Textbook form.

Backwards Bowler Rolls a 280, Sets Important Record


Real or Fake? Baseball Player Hits a 7-10 Split with Two Balls

Scott Wearne plays second base for the Melbourne Aces, an Australian baseball team. He's a light hitter, only batting .238 this year, and he plays

Bored? Watch the Ultimate Bowling Fails Compilation

Jesus Quintana these people are not. Also, didn't Quintana have the best pair of socks in movie history? HE DID, those were fire. 

Video: Pete Weber’s Epic Bowling Championship Celebration

This is pro-bowler Pete Weber, who just won his fifth U.S. Open Bowling Championship on Sunday afternoon. Though I can't think of anything

Bowler Forgets to Let Go of Ball, Hilariously Falls Down

I think he's doing it wrong: Aren't you supposed to release the ball?