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Here Are All The Gifts Players Will Receive At This Year’s College Football Bowl Games


Welp, we've found the silver lining for the poor teams (See: Rutgers and North Carolina) who were rewarded for their decent seasons -- I refuse to call them good -- by getting to play their bowl game in Detroit.


The Central Michigan Football Team EXPLODED With Joy When They Learned Their Bowl Game Wasn’t In Detroit


Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports Although the Central Michigan University athletic department slow-rolled the shit out of them with their unveiling, you won't find a happier group of people than the CMU football team the moment it was communicated to them that their bowl game was in the Bahamas and not Detroit.


Arkansas State Has a Trick Play Called ‘Hide the Midget,’ They Ran It In the GoDaddy Bowl


I don't know if midget is the preferred nomenclature for people small in stature, but possible offensiveness aside, the play itself seemed highly effective when Arkansas State ran it for 27-yards in last night's GoDaddy Bowl against Ball State.

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SNL Hilariously Mocks ESPN’s ‘Bowl Madness’ Ad Nauseam


As I write this, ESPN is currently airing the GoDaddy.


Here’s All the Swag College Football Players Are Getting For Going to Their Respective Bowl Games


We always look forward to seeing the list of swag that college football players will receive for participating in their respective corruption machines that hinders a fair and square playoff system bowl games.

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