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Had a Bad Week? This Great Picture Shows Boston Sports Fans Had It Worse

Not the brightest week for Beantown sports. Almost makes you feel sorry sports-wise for a city whose seen all their teams win a title in

Donnie the Boston Sports Fan Goes to a Chinese Music Festival

Remember Donnie? The guy's back. Our favorite expatriate Masshole sports fan just got back from Shanghai's Midi Music Fest. Some weird sh*t went down.

The Ultimate Boston Sports Tattoo

Via Guyism comes the most chowdaaaahy, Daaaaaawnkins' extra-large sippin', fawwwwkin' fawwwwwwwwwwwwwkin' tattoo to grace the planet. The logos from the Red Sox-Celtics-Pats-Bruins, all inked on

Watch Donnie the Boston Sports Fan Teach the Gronk Spike While Brainwashing Chinese School Children

Another week, another Boston sports hero, minus all the fawking fawks of Big Daddy Smooth. This week it's Donnie -- a native of

This Big Daddy Patriots Fan Lives Up to Every M*sshole Sports Fan Stereotype Possible

Boston sports fans, meet your latest sports fan folk hero. Ben Affleck should make a movie about this dude. Over 400 Celtics games.