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4 Best Yard Games to Turn Into Drinking Games This Summer

Drinking games and summer go together like drinking games and summer.

This Infographic Shows You Everywhere It’s Legal to Drink Outside in the U.S.

The reason so many people plan visits to Las Vegas and New Orleans is not because of legalized gambling. 

3 Keys to Getting Served in a Crowded Bar

It's 11:30 pm and you just got a text from that girl you met at the undie run a while back

An Ode To The Open Bar

This past week I went to three events. By events, I mean things where stuff happens at places that aren’t your

5 Easy Steps to Puking and Rallying at the Bar

We’ve all been there—you take a tough shot of whiskey or tequila at the bar and now your stomach’s a bit off.  Maybe it’s because

Are You Suffering from Bro Rage?

It’s Friday afternoon, you just crushed your Microeconomics exam, you destroyed your chest at the gym, you had your daily Chipotle burrito (double meat because

Former State Trooper Is the Spokesman for a Product Designed to Beat Breathalyzer Tests

To be clear, the Breathalyzer Equalizer claims to take away the error in breathalyzer tests -- known as residual mouth alcohol -- and that it's

Drunk Dude Playing in Traffic Seems to Get His Ass Kicked by Everyone He Meets

We all have our issues when we're drunk. Most nights go accordingly -- good buzz, bang sesh with soggy-titted 3, wake up feeling at the

The 10 B’s to Look Forward to This Summer

We can all agree that summer is, without a doubt, the best season of the year. There are maybe a hundred people scattered around the