The 5 Greatest Drinking Buddies In History


These five people are in a whole other league when it comes to drinking, in fact just watching that first guy made my liver hurt.

happy hour

The 5 Types Of Bars You Visit For Happy Hour And What They Say About You


Shutterstock The grind of a corporate workweek is enough to shake even the most hardened of men to their very core.


5 Main Differences Between Drinking in College and Drinking In the Real World


Adults may not be able to drink as much as college students, but they do always have their own toilets to puke into.


Cheap booze hacks every thrifty boozehound should know


Maybe you're just a frugal drinker, or maybe you're a student and looking to shave a few extra bucks in this time of back-to-school, either way you should really commit these cheap booze hacks to memory.


3 Cheap Booze Hacks


If you aren't running your $12 bottle of shitty vodka through a Brita water filter, you're not drinking bad vodka right.

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