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3 Cheap Booze Hacks

If you aren't running your $12 bottle of shitty vodka through a Brita water filter, you're not drinking bad vodka right.

7 Shocking Reasons To Drink

It's a fact that booze is good for you. But do you know WHY? Watch this...

Science Study: Cooler People Drink More

And drunker.

3 Cool Ways To Get Your Drink On This Summer

Any sucker can pound tea vodka, ice-cold Fireball shots, or shot-gun Bud Lights.

5 Tips to Keep You From Blacking Out the Next Time You Binge Drink

People love drinking but no one loves waking up next to a monstrosity.

This Bald Guy’s Go-To Beer Trick is Pouring Beers Using Only His Forehead — Yeah, Just Watch

Nice work, bald guy.

6 Things Needed For Your Drunken Canoe Trip

Marked by relaxation, minimal hygiene, and expressing time in beers consumed rather than hours, the cottage lifestyle is a true slice of paradise.

6 Reasons Why Guys Love Female Bartenders

Bartenders do more good for the world than the UN. Every time you tip a bartender it should be considered a tax-exempt donation.

Watch Americans Taste International Booze For First Time

Booze in other countries is weird. Some would call it "not pleasant" ass-flavor.

MAP: Here Are the Drunkest States In America

Live Free or Drink.

What Would Happen If Alcohol Didn’t Exist?

Life would be so... boring, amirite, bros?

Underground Booze Slushies Invade NYC

It's not summer without some illegally purchased alcohol slushies

Map Reveals World’s Heaviest Drinking Countries, U.S. Doesn’t Crack Top 10

Not one-hundred percent certain if I should feel outraged or elated that the U.S. isn't in the top ten heaviest drinking countries.

A Senator Is Trying to Get Powdered Alcohol Banned by the FDA

New York senator Charles Schumer has now turned his attention to the powdered alcohol "Palcohol."

How to Make Powdered Alcohol at Home in Three Easy Steps

We're not saying you should make powdered alcohol at home, we're just saying you could.

Sorry, Powdered Booze Not Approved After All

Good run while it lasted, Bros... As you were.

Awesome Irish Brewmaster Reviews Cheap Wine, Doesn’t Do the Tour De Franiza

Mad Dog, Franzia, and Boone's Farm are all modern marvels to the drinking connoisseur.

Pour One Out For Four Loko, Which Is Officially Ending Production

It's the end of a gasoline-tasting, false advertising era.

10 BAC-Increasing Facts You Didn’t Know About Vodka

As clear as the purest stream and as powerful as Thor's hammer, vodka is a sexy two-headed beast that can show you ecstacy, make you

10 Insane Boozed Up Facts You Didn’t Know About Whiskey

Whiskey or death, AMIRIGHT?

The Perks of Embracing the Flask-Carrying Lifestyle

Outsiders may find your choice depressing, but the anti-portable-booze agendas of Emilio Estevez, Ralph Macchio, or any dissenting friends or […]

Which Alcohol Gives the Worst Hangover?

I envy people who don't get hangovers even when they spend the entire night drinking like all they want to do is achieve one from the

Cool Chart Breaks Down What Your Favorite Drink Says About Your Political Orientation

Turns out quite a lot, if this chart from National Media Research Planning and Placement is to be believed. Liberals appear to like their liquors clear,

Woman of the Year Stabs Husband For Not Buying Beer

A South Carolina woman is accused of stabbing her husband after he returned home from the store without beer. 

12 Gifts Guys Want to Receive From Their Girlfriend

Let's face it. Your girlfriend, if left to her own devices, will get you some pretty terrible gifts these holidays. Why, just yesterday she was

How to Stock a Bar: Tips From the World’s Best Bartender

Today marks the 80-year anniversary of the end of Prohibition, that wretched time in America when, for 13 years, people weren't allowed to drink. Imagine

Scotch Scotch Scotch! There’s Now An Anchorman Scotch You Can Drink

It's called Great Odin's Raven Special Reserve because you're damn right that's what it is called. 

The Official Thanksgiving Drinking Game (To Help You Cope With Your Crazy Family)

You technically started this bender Wednesday night, perhaps even waking up next to a paunchier, decaying version of a former high-school hookup this morning, but now

What Your Drink Of Choice In College Says About You

Light Beer If Natty Lite, Natty Ice, Busch, Keystone, Coors, or dare I say it… Milwaukee’s Best is your drink of choice, then you’re the ultimate

Former NFL Safety Tom Zbikowski Used to Enjoy 4 Scotches and 4 Guinnesses the Night Before Games

Just a nice nightcap, ya know. 

Can Beer Save Christianity?

Maybe? I mean, they already give out free booze every weekend. 

Just Another Day at the Liquor Store, When All the Sudden…. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the most heartbreaking video of alcohol abuse I've ever watched. I almost feel like it should be accompanied by Sarah McLachlan song just for

Top 10 Reasons Why We Should All Drink Beer

There are many articles online debating why you should drink beer, and what they all have in common is that beer is actually good for

Bro Slams Entire Bottle of Jose Cuervo Silver Tequila in Under a Minute

It's Shoenice as you've always seen him before -- ingesting stupid shit for someone's sake. Whose sake? We are not quite sure, but some day

10 Staggering Facts About Alcohol

Warning: number two will pique your interests and make you want to vomit all at the same time. I won't spoil it, but it is

How to Discreetly Vomit at Work After a Night of Hard Livin’

It feels like you just passed out twenty minutes ago, but the rising sun and your alarm clock beg to differ. The inside of your

World Pisstory: Columbus, Circumcision and 5 Booze Bottles That Make Great Dildos

The sometimes sleazy combination of guzzling mass amounts of hard liquor and frivolously engaging in sloppy organ grinding rituals of the flesh has been synonymous

10 Customers Every New York City Bartender Encounters (And Probably Hates)

So apparently, the last article I wrote about bartending stirred a little discussion across the interwebs. I became the world’s most

This Cup Changes Color to Notify Drinkers of Roofies

For lack of a better term this is a game changer right here. And I'm all for it. It's just too bad the cup doesn't

10 Worst Places to be Hung-Over

We’ve all experienced a hangover in our lives so I will spare you the cute, little intro blurb about why it’s