Budweiser Thinks Millennials Can Save The King Of Beers

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Budweiser will NEVER relinquish its title as the 'King of Beers' no matter the state of the market.

south park

‘South Park’s’ ‘Please Drink Responsibly’ Ad Is The Best Damn Drinking Ad We’ve Ever Seen


In last night's "Freemium Isn't Free" episode of South Park they dropped the world's greatest drinking ad.

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Bro Needs A Drink So Bad He Drives Airplane Down Street To His Local Pub


Best caption wins a Mars Bar and tour of @EsperancePol Station.


5 Most Hungover Days Of The Year


In Mexico and in other parts of the world, the Day of the Dead celebration is a nationally observed holiday where people father to pray and remember friends and family members who have died.


Hilarious Aussie Has A Message For All The Young And Drunk Nations Of The World


Here we see this incredible Aussie explain why there's such a pro-alcohol culture in Australia, but his message actually applies to all of the young and/or developing nations across the planet.


9 Drinking Instances That Are Warning Signs That You Might Be Over Doing It


Instinctive and unapologetic, the drive to hone and flaunt one’s partying abilities seizes individuals everywhere.

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I Turned People Watching Into A Drinking Game, And So Can You!


Not to sound too much like an after school special, but anything can become a drinking game if you put your mind to it and believe in yourself.


‘Girly Drinks Vs. Manly Drinks’ Will Make You Wonder Why You Love Whiskey So Damn Much


I firmly believe that whiskey is the jet-fuel nectar of the gods.

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