Finally, A Song Dedicated To The Flat Booty Girls Of The World


Every other song in the club these days is about a girl with a big ass.

butt stuff

Watch This Magnificent Ass Hooked Up To ‘The Booty Drum’ Convert Twerking Into Real Music


There's no explanation I'll accept for this technology existing that isn't along the lines of "Trust fund kids spending too much time in the club gawking at girls twerking decided to throw some of their parent's money at getting these girls back to their private sound studios'.


Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Booty’ Teaser with Iggy Azalea Features a Lot of, Well…Booty


We've been very excited to see what kind of music video Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea were going to make after we saw just how booty-riffic the singles' cover was and now today we get our first taste of this booty-ful video.


The Russian twerk team will restore your faith in Eastern European girl booty


With the Winter Olympics being kind of a shitshow, we need something to heal the wounds of U.

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