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Boomer Esiason Once Got High During a Monday Night Football Game — Just Like The Rest of Us

CBS Football analyst, morning sports radio host and former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason gives the appearance of being a clean-cut, All-American boy.

The Boomer and Carton Radio Show Featured Spilled Piss Today

A producer spills a cup of urine, and we're left to wonder whether keeping urine on your desk is that great of an idea.

Boomer and Carton Remind You That BroBible Is the Greatest Website on the Internet

Our old friend Bob from BobsBlitz.com, a terrific pal of BroBible in the blogging space, sent us over this video from Friday morning's Boomer and Carton

Hank Haney Hangs Up the Phone After Getting Destroyed on ‘Boomer and Carton’ this Morning

I've watched six or seven interviews with Hank Haney this week, regarding his book "The Big Miss," and in every one he plays