This Advertising Campaign Got Pulled From The Streets After Causing Over 500 Car Accidents In ONE Day


You know you have a good advertising campaign when people are literally crashing into each other while trying to slow down and stare at it for more than a fleeting glance while driving down the road.


This Chick Put A Camera In Her Boobs To See How Many People Stare At Her Goods Each Day


YouTube As a man, when you read that headline, your mind immediately thinks that this is some unnecessary social experiment to prove that men are tit-thirsty boob-starers.


Reporter Interviews Jasmine Tridevil, The Girl Who Added A Third Boob, Asks To See It … And Has That Request Fulfilled!!!

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Via Jasmine Tridevil, Facebook Remember Jasmine Tridevil, the Florida chick with the Total Recall tits from yesterday.


5 Ways Venezuelan Women Are Risking Their Lives To Get Fake Boobs


Shutterstock Take the superficial vanity of Hollywood and transport it thousands of miles south and you’ll come to understand the Venezuelan standard of beauty.


This Cornell Scholar Got Busted By The FBI After Allegedly Grabbin’ A Woman’s Boobs On A Plane


Maybe he was a biology professor and just wanted a quick refresher on anatomy.

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