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Watch Bono Throw Diddy Mad Shade at the Golden Globes

How off the rocker is Diddy at the Golden Globes tonight? Dude must have started day drinking at dawn, slamming bloody maries as the sun

Bill Clinton Attempts Retaliation Impersonation of Bono on ‘Piers Morgan Live,’ Butchers It

Yesterday, Bono did a rather serviceable impersonation of President Clinton. Today, President Clinton had his moment in the sun on Piers Morgan Live,

Check Out U2’s Bono Doing a Really Respectable Bill Clinton Impersonation

If you lined up 30 famous musicians -- men, women, children, and whatever Kenny G is -- and asked me which one of them can do

Top 10 Most Hated Lead Singers In Rock

Lead singers in rock bands are much like wide receivers in football: they're egotistical prima donnas. For a great frontman of a band, there's

Bono Hitchhikes in Canada, Gets Picked Up by Edmonton Oiler

Bono Edmonton Hitchhiking

The Vancouver Canucks weren't the only Canadian hockey players making headlines this week. Gilbert Brule of the Edmonton Oilers and