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70-Year-Old Bodybuilder Sam Bryant Jr. Is a Fucking Beast

This man is 70-years-old. SEVENTY...years old...shrugging 120-pound dumbbells. Holy shit.

You Won’t Believe How Ripped This 70-Year-Old Bodybuilder Is

Meet Sonny, a 70-year-old gentleman from Augusta, Georgia. He started lifting weights 20-something years ago after a bad marriage, and […]

Watch ‘Arnold’s Blueprint,’ a ‘30 for 30’ Short Focusing on Schwarzenegger’s Physical Prowess

From the acclaimed directing duo of Michael and Jeff Zimbalist (The Two Escobars), we have a ten minute documentary that takes us inside the wild world

Meet Moustafa Ismail, the Man with the World’s Largest Biceps

What do 31-inch biceps look like? Glad you asked! Bodybuilder Moustafa Ismail was recently awarded the Guinness World Record for the biggest biceps in the

How Supplement Brands Create Their Shocking Before and After Transformations in 5 Hours

"Before and after" supplement ads are a staple of men's health magazines. They always show a bloated guy with substantial muscle mass and

Feast Your Eyes on this Jacked UGA Cheerleader

Nothin' hotter than a yolked, vascular woman. Striated muscles, bulging veins, rock-hard tits...NOW WE ARE TALKIN'! And I'll tell you what, if I'm this chick's