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Watch This Hot Model Walk Around Topless In Public…With Only A Spray Painted T-Shirt On

Only in Europe.

Emily Ratajkowski’s HOT Bodypaint Video For the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Will Make You Drool

Tremendous news that you might not be aware of: Every Bro’s “Blurred Lines” dream girl Emily Ratajkowski is making a huge […]

Woman With Boobs as Big as Peyton Manning’s Forehead Dons Denver Broncos Body Paint, Nothing Else

Here are two facts about Natasha Kizmet: 1. She has some very round breasts. 2. She once painted a Peyton Manning jersey on her curvy

Woooah, This Car Is Made Out of Naked Women In Body Paint

A car is often called "she," so perhaps Fiat figured why not have one made of females?

Rihanna Put on Lizard-Themed Body Paint for Her ‘Where Have You Been’ Video (8 pics)

Rihanna’s no fool. She knows that some of us who have no interest in her music have profound interest in her body. She donned

Tehmeena Afzal Celebrates the New York Giants Super Bowl Bid with Body Paint

Let this be a lesson to all the ladies (fatties excluded): If your team gets into the Super Bowl, cover your nekked body in