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Matt Lauer Will Replace Bob Costas and His Diseased Eyes On the Olympic Broadcast Tonight

Bad news, gang. Nothing can stop Bob Costas’ eye infection. Not modern medicine, not even vodka. So today, Costy will […]

Watch Bob Costas Do Shots of Vodka On-Air After an Awesome Segment on Russia Vodka

Poor Bob Costas. Thanks to some tainted Sochi water, he’s fighting a wicked eye-infection that’s causing Twitter to crack jokes […]

Apropos of Nothing Here is Bob Costas Saying ‘Pussy Riot’ On Repeat

We’re children, the whole lot of us. Yep. That was it. You clicked on this post to watch THAT. Nice […]

Bob Costas Gave a Preachy Half-Time Essay About Why the Redskins Need to Change Their Name

Bob Costas loves to offer his opinion on the national talking points of the day. This usually occurs in the form of an essay with a

Bob Costas Has Some Thoughts on the Masters

Bob Costas will never work the Masters -- certainly not after he aired some strong opinions on the event on Dan Patrick’s show earlier today.

Bob Costas Rapped Ludacris Lyrics Last Night, and It Was Wonderful

Bob Costas called last night's Dodgers-Giants game for the MLB Network, and before things kicked off, Harold Reynolds asked Mr. You Should Feel These Nipples

Bob Costas’ Fitting Eulogy for Baseball Legend Stan Musial Will Give You Chills

Cardinals legend Stan "the man" Musial passed away last week at the age of 92. Undoubedly one of the greatest hitters ever to play the

Bob Costas Used Sunday Night Football to Be a Disingenuous Idiot

When Bob Costas is on his game, he's the best interviewer in sports. His NBC interview with Jerry Sandusky, right after his charges were made

Local Sports Guy Goes Off on Bob Costas for Making Him Work Late

Add Jacksonville sportscaster and NBC employee Dan Hicken to those who don’t particularly care for NBC’s Olympic coverage.

Here’s Bob Costas’ Interview with Jerry Sandusky

Since the Penn State scandal continues to dominate the national conversation right now, here's Bob Costas exclusive interview with Jerry Sandusky as a