Bob Costas pink eye

You’ll never believe how Bob Costas contracted pink eye


I was told that you get pink eye when someone rubs genitals in your face.

red eye

Matt Lauer drops the ultimate ‘red eye’ zinger on Bob Costas


Behold, I give you Matt Lauer's greatest contribution to entertainment.

Matt Lauer

Bob Costas slams shot of vodka—gets replaced on broadcast by Matt Lauer


The double-eye infection was simply too much for NBC Olympic host Bob Costas.

Bob Costas eye

What happened to Bob Costas?


Sochi has not treated Bob Costas well.

Sochi Olympics

Just Bob Costas saying ‘Pussy Riot’ on a loop for 11 seconds


Bob Costas saying the words "Pussy Riot" is funny enough all by itself.

Washington Redskins

Bob Costas Gave a Preachy Half-Time Essay About Why the Redskins Need to Change Their Name


Bob Costas loves to offer his opinion on the national talking points of the day.

masters 2013

Bob Costas Has Some Thoughts on the Masters


Bob Costas will never work the Masters -- certainly not after he aired some strong opinions on the event on Dan Patrick’s show earlier today.

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