tug of war

Instead Of A Rope, Polish People Play Tug Of War With A Boat


Polish people do not how to play tug of war, using a boat instead.


This 384ft Yacht Has A Two-Story Pool, Helipad, 7 Suites, And Is Fit For Only The Evilest Of Bond Villains

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This super yacht is so large that it easily has more luxury square footage than not only your childhood home, but your childhood home plus your freshmen year dorm building.


Watch This Giant Sea Lion Wreck A Fisherman By Throwing Him Across A Boat Deck Like It Ain’t No Thang


In case you needed a reminder that the ocean is fucking terrifying and will straight-up wreck your shit given the chance, here’s a giant sea lion hurling a fisherman across a boat deck.

potato chips

These Students Made A RAFT Out Of Potato Chip Bags To Prove There’s Too Much Air Inside


The worst thing in the world is opening a bag of potato chips and finding that it’s made up of about 85% air, 14% sadness and 1% chips.


Sofia Vergara in a Thong is a Christmas Gift for Us All


Sofia Vergara is not an unattractive woman.


I Can’t Stop Watching This Flapping Boat Tarp Set To Eminem


This is the best thing on the internet, at least for the next few days.

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