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4 Best Board Games to Turn into Drinking Games

Oh God, the power’s out.

The Most Complicated Board Game Ever Does Not Look Fun

People are still playing board games because it’s something to sit around while they drink. But it seems that the rules of these things have

Which Monopoly Piece Is Getting Voted Out Permanently? (And Which New Token Should Take Its Place?)

In one of the stranger promotions in history, Monopoly announced on its Facebook page today that eight of its original tokens have landed in jail.

Rewriting the Rules to Popular Board Games to Get Shmammered

Every now and then, it's not a bad idea to put down the ping-pong ball and retire the flip cup to add in a little

Guess Who? is the Next Logical Board Game to Be Turned into a Movie

At first glance, making Guess Who? (everyone's favorite board game for when you want to make sexist, racist and agist jokes) seems like a ridiculous