Bro Tries To Jump BMX Bike Into River, Dog Has Other Ideas For Him


You're just peddling along, trying to pull a sweet trick on your suped up BMX bike and jump it into the river, then out of nowhere the dog runs up and BLOODY HELL.


Little Kid Narrates His Bro Biking Down A Hill And Demolishing Himself, Has A Future In Broadcasting


I'm torn between what is more incredible in this video: how unintentionally hilarious that little kid's narration skills are, or how badly the kid on the bike eats it after not catching enough air.


Behold The Invisible Half Pipe—A BMX Biker Attached To A Swing


I want to say firstly that I started watching this video and was in no way impressed, and found it rather boring, then somehow got in to it and found myself captivated.


BMX Rider Brawls With Security Guards, Loses, Sucker Punches A Guard

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The (supposed) backstory here is that the BMX riders went to the mall, were told they couldn't have their bikes and were asked to leave, then the security guards got to the pushing.

X games

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Pro BMX Rider Scotty Cranmer at X Games 16


This past weekend, BroBible hit up X Games 16 in Los Angeles to take in all the action at the world's most notorious action sports event.

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